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Any seasoned developer knows that potential app users can come from anywhere on the planet. So if they are working on an application with financial functions, they need to prepare it for several types of currencies. If an app accepts payments, developers should consider currency conversion, multi-currency pricing, current exchange rate changes, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, currency triangulation, and other ruminations. exchange.

Developers looking to add currency functionality to apps should find the right currency APIs.

What is a currency API?

A currency API is a Application programming interface that developers can use to integrate applications with currency data.

Developers looking for such APIs can find them in the Currency category of the Programmable web API Directory.

This article details the ten most popular APIs in this category, as determined by user visits to Programmable web.

1. Coinbase API

Coinbase is an electronic service and “wallet” for bitcoin and digital currency. Users can transfer currencies, pay merchants, and make other payments instantly. The Coinbase APIFollow this API allows developers to access and integrate Coinbase functionality with other apps. Some examples of API methods include retrieving account information and balances, sending money, requesting money, and managing user information.

2. Kraken API

Kraken is a trade in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies Platform. The Kraken platform offers trading capabilities, secure holdings, and regulatory compliance. The Kraken APIFollow this API offers public market data, private user data and user account information, as well as the ability to place and manipulate trade orders. An account is required with the service.

3.Open Exchange Rates API (OXR)

The open exchange rate APIFollow this API provides real-time and historical rates (since 1999) for over 200 currencies. The methods are available to retrieve the latest currency conversion rates, historical rates, currencies, time series data, and open, low, low, closed (OHLC) and average exchange rates for a given period.

4.Live rate API

Live-Rates.com provides exchange rates (Forex) in machine-readable formats. The Live-Rates APIFollow this API returns the filtered exchange rates in JSON and XML formatting. Rates are updated in real time and each currency pair includes the timestamp of its update. This platform is intended to integrate with e-commerce systems, brokerage houses and casinos.

5. BitStamp API

BitStamp is an online exchange for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Consumers and online traders use BitStamp as a global marketplace to buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Users make cash deposits to buy cryptocurrencies from other users, make purchases, or exchange them for cash. BitStamp also provides a fee schedule and information about the bitcoin market. The BitStamp RESTful APIFollow this API exposes transactional functions and access to information about the crypto market tickers.

6.IBAN verification API

IBAN verification APIFollow this API allows developers to integrate its service with their applications, allowing their users to check whether an international bank account number (IBAN) is valid or invalid. IBAN numbers are the new standard for bank account numbers in Europe and in some countries outside of Europe.

7. Gold Feed Precious Metals API

The Gold Feed API for precious metalsFollow this API is available on request to display gold, silver, platinum and palladium in metal applications. With the API, developers can access a list of currencies, and bid, ask, get high and low prices, and change the dollar and percentage.

8. Currency Quake API

Currency Quake is a free currency strength indicator. The Currency Quake APIFollow this API can be used to gain statistical strength or weakness of the top 8 currencies in the Forex market. Information is derived by comparing 28 currency pairs and identifying the biggest price movements.

9. Metals API

Metals-API offers real-time prices and quotes for metals. Metals APIFollow this API returns the prices of gold, silver, palladium, platinum and other base metals. In addition to real-time precious metal prices, the service also offers daily London Fixing prices, gold coin prices and deferred NYMEX and COMEX Future precious metal prices as well as historical precious metal prices, metal charts and news.

10. XE Currency Data API

The XE Currency Data APIFollow this API offers real-time exchange rates in international currency markets. The API serves as a hub for streaming exchange rates for over 160 currencies provided by over 100 sources around the world.

Find more APIs, as well as SDKs and other resources in the Currency category.


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