10 Spider-Men Who Should Be In Spider-Man: Through The Spider-Verse

After handing over the reins of live-action Spider-Man to Marvel Studios in 2016 for the MCU Captain America: Civil War, Sony proved they still have what it takes to produce stellar webhead stories with 2018 Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse, which won the award for best animated film at the 91st Academy Awards.

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Perhaps one of the most beloved aspects of the film was the various iterations of Spider-Man that have appeared. The central protagonist was Biracial American Miles Morales as the titular web-slinger. And with the sequel promising to be a great two-part adventure, fans can’t wait to see the many more iterations of Spider-Men that could appear in the 2022s. Spider-Man: Through the Spider-Verse.

ten Spider-UK is the UK-based Spider-Man

Spider-Man PS4 Spider-UK Costume

Among the plethora of information Into the Spider-Verse Directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller have released clues to several new Spider-Man variants set to appear in the 2022 sequel. One of those rumored variants is Spider-UK which, as the name suggests, is a UK version of the web-slinger.

Known as Billy Braddock, Spider-UK is a recruit to the Captain Britain Corps on Earth-833, who first appeared in the comics in 2014 Edge of the Spider-Verse # 2. Although his role in Through the Spider-Verse remains a mystery, it will be interesting to see what universe Braddock finds himself involved in during the animated sequel.

9 Spider-Punk Offers Unique Team Dynamics

Spider-punk art

One of the most entertaining personalities of the Spider-Man team in Into the Spider-Verse was Spider-Man Noir, voiced by established American actor Nicolas Cage. Coming from a monochrome universe, Spider-Man Noir emerges as the dark and serious web-slinger of the team.

Conversely, Spider-Punk exudes the aura of a free spirit seeking to free his people from the government oppression of President Norman Osborn and his VENOM troops. Hailing from Earth-138, the man behind the Spider-Punk mask, Hobart Brown has a history with the Spider-Verse, which could be put to good use in Through the Spider-Verse.

8 What if…? Could inspire Zombie Spider-Man

Zombie Spider-Man Mary Jane

Into the Spider-Verse isn’t the only successful animated story in recent years. The MCU tried to jump into multiverse action with the debut of its own 2021 animated series called What if…?, inspired by the comic book of the same name. While the series was not as popular as its live-action counterparts, one of its most stand-out episodes was without a doubt Marvel Zombies.

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Surprisingly, Peter Parker was one of the only characters who didn’t get infected at the end of the episode, which means fans have yet to see Spider-Man transform into a flesh-eating corpsewalker. . Given that Miles already seems to disagree with Oscar Isaac’s Miguel O’Hara (aka Spider-Man 2099) in Through the Spider-Verse, what is another variant of Antagonist Spidey?

seven Ben Reilly’s Scarlet Spider is Peter’s clone

Scarlet Spider Ben Reilly

Like Spider-UK, Lord and Miller raised the possibility of the Scarlet Spider with 2022 Through the Spider-Verse. Created by Gerry Conway and debuted in The Amazing Spider-Man # 149 in 1975, Scarlet Spider’s alter ego – Ben Reilly – was cultivated in a lab by Miles Warren (aka Jackal) – one of Spider-Man’s main villains.

While Ben Reilly’s Scarlet Spider has a pretty complex history, Into the Spider-Verse made a point of not dwelling on the stories of the different Spider-Men. It’s something his sequel is likely to follow, meaning Ben’s story will serve more of an Easter egg for comic book fans than the detail needed to move the story forward.

6 Cindy Moon’s silk is unrelated to Peter Parker

Cindy Moon Silk

With Into the Spider-Verse being praised for its Spider-Men diversity, it would make sense for its sequel to continue to capitalize on the aspects that made its predecessor so great, including a golden opportunity offered by Cindy Moon (aka Silk) – a Korean-American from Earth -616 (Marvel’s main reality) which is bitten moments after Peter is by the same spider.

However, what sets Cindy apart from her other spider counterparts is her ability to create organic straps with your fingertips. Other traits that make Silk unique are his eidetic memory and “Silk Sense†– an heightened form of spider sense, which makes his help invaluable to Miles and the threats he and his friends face. Through the Spider-Verse.

5 Doc Ock returns with Superior Spider-Man

Superior Spider-Man Otto Octavius

Perhaps one of Lord and Miller’s most exciting teases is the presentation of Superior Spider-Man. Debuting in a 2014 comic book of the same name by Dan Slott, Superior Spider-Man actually sees Dr. Otto Octavius ​​implanting his mind into Peter Parker’s body. He intends to become a better superhero and a better person than Peter ever was.

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With Into the Spider-Verse already featuring a single Doc Ock in the form of scientist Olivia Octavius, it wouldn’t be a stretch to believe that Through the Spider-Verse could introduce variations of other villains from Spidey’s iconic Thieves Gallery. The Superior Spider-Man has the potential to add yet another big twist to an already legendary supervillain.

4 Jessica Drew is the most iconic spider woman

Jessica Drew Spider-Woman

Gain in 2018 Into the Spider-Verse, Hailee Steinfeld’s performance as Spider-Gwen took the world by storm. However, Gwen Stacy isn’t the first woman to acquire spider powers and don the webbed costume in the comics and, in fact, isn’t even the most established. That honor would go to the original Spider-Woman, Jessica Drew.

First appeared in 1977 during Spotlight on wonders # 32, Jessica’s origins have been traced multiple times, although she tends to be described as a brainwashed HYDRA spy. While Jessica has yet to make major appearances in recent movies or shows, there are rumors of her debut in the 2022s. Through the Spider-Verse makes sense given its long history in Marvel Comics.

3 SupaidÄman is the Japanese Spider-Man


Although Sam Raimi’s 2002 Spider Man The film starring Tobey Maguire is often considered the webhead’s first original film, the Toei Company’s Spider-Man (aka SupaidÄman) conversation has grown in recent years, with Lord and Miller recently confirming the appearance of SupaidÄman. in Through the Spider-Verse.

Nicknamed the “Japanese Spider-Man,” the series follows a young motorcycle racer named Takuya Yamashiro, who derives his spider powers from Garia, the last warrior on planet Spider. With the ability to summon a spaceship that transforms into a robot called “Leopardon”, Takuya will be a mighty force whenever he appears in Through the Spider-Verse.

2 ’60s Spider-Man is where it all began

1960s animated Spider-Man

Although best known as a finger-pointing meme, the animated Spider-Man of the 1960s is where it all started for the wall-crawler in the animation world. Lord and Miller Into the Spider-Verse Cleverly pays homage to that with its post-credits scene, which sees Spider-Man 2099 traveling the Spider-Verse at the very beginning in an attempt to recruit his predecessor.

Although fans speculate that Miguel O’Hara ultimately managed to reach out to his stubborn counterpart, the conclusion of the conversation is left to the public’s speculative minds for the sequel. But given Miles’ fight with Miguel on the streets of Nueva York in Through the Spider-Verse, fans can assume that Spider-Man 2099 was probably successful in his endeavor.

1 Fans want to see Spider-Men live

Spider-Men Live From Sony

It was actually slightly surprising that Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, or Tom Holland had cameos like their respective Spider-Men during Into the Spider-Verse, despite the idea that was launched. However, given the advent of 2021 Spider-Man: No Path Home, now would be a perfect time for Sony to bring them together in the story of Lord and Miller’s Spider-Verse.

Although Holland has expressed interest in lending his talents for a cameo scene for Into the Spider-Versefollowing, it seems that nothing is frozen at the moment. But given Sony’s plans to capitalize on the hype surrounding fan calls for a live-action Spider-Verse shared between Maguire, Garfield and Holland, including their Spider-Men in Through the Spider-Verse seems like another step in the right direction.

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