10 Things You Didn’t Know About Spider-Man And Daredevil’s Friendship

Both of Stan Lee’s 1960s co-creations, Spider-Man and Daredevil have a lot in common. Peter Parker gained spider powers through an accident with radiation, and Matt Murdock gained enhanced senses through an accident with radioactive chemicals. Both Spider-Man and Daredevil became superheroes operating out of New York.

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Neither hero has been part of a team for long, preferring to work alone and take on too much responsibility. Spider-Man and Daredevil usually have more than enough crime to fight as individuals, but they’ve often crossed paths. They respected each other, but the road to friendship was not quick. The heroes would eventually become trusted allies, but there were twists and turns along the way.

ten Spider-Man met Matt Murdock before meeting Daredevil

The first meeting between Spider-Man and Daredevil took place in The Amazing Spider-Man #16 by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. In the story, Spider-Man becomes a hypnotized victim of the Ringmaster and the Circus of Crime. Matt Murdock, who was in the audience, puts on his Daredevil costume and saves Spider-Man. Spider-Man appreciated the backup, but he didn’t realize Daredevil was paying him back.

Earlier in the issue, Matt Murdock accidentally witnesses a burglary. The criminals decide to deal with him, but Spider-Man comes in and saves his life. Matt could have protected himself, but he was grateful that Spider-Man was there.

9 Spider-Man Didn’t Know Daredevil Was Blind

Daredevil has never been one to reveal his secrets, even to an ally like Spider-Man. When Spider-Man was temporarily blinded during a fight with the Masked Marauder, Daredevil came to his aid as the wall crawler stumbled through the city.

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Spider-Man nearly fell off a roof and admitted to Daredevil that he had lost his sight and felt useless. Daredevil helped Spider-Man learn to rely on his other senses to navigate while slinging the web. Even though Daredevil took pity on Spider-Man, he helped him without revealing that he himself was blind.

8 Daredevil kept Spider-Man’s secret to himself

Spider-Man and Daredevil often worked together but did not know each other’s identities. They finally found out, not in a moment of trust, but in a time of crisis. Spider-Man was angry and disillusioned after the Sin Eater killed Officer Jean DeWolff, and he and Daredevil argued over Spider-Man’s new attitude. It was during this encounter that Daredevil realized that Spider-Man and Peter Parker had the same heartbeat.

Later, when Daredevil got caught up in a prison riot and needed help, he called Spider-Man “Peter”. Daredevil later explained that he knew who Spider-Man was, and in fairness, he later revealed his own identity, mending the connection between the two.

seven They were once the only heroes left in New York

The X-Men villain Onslaught was created by the combined psyches of Professor Xavier and Magneto. The X-Men needed the help of the Avengers and the Fantastic Four to defeat Onslaught, but they found themselves lost in a pocket dimension.

New York was left without its greatest protectors, and Spider-Man wept privately. When he had his hands full with rising crime, Daredevil came to help him. Daredevil made it a point to keep Spider-Man safe, because if he died, it would make Daredevil the only hero in town.

6 Daredevil briefly had Spider-Man’s powers

The Kingpin is such a far-reaching villain that he comes up against multiple heroes. Introduced as a Spider-Man villain, Kingpin also made an enemy of Daredevil and managed to hurt him like no other villain had before.

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In Spider-Man/Kingpin: Until Death by Tom DeFalco, Stan Lee and John Romita, Sr., the Kingpin developed a serum to give people Spider-Man-like powers, and he had the imposters commit crimes to trap Spider-Man. Daredevil was exposed to the serum and also gained the powers. When it became clear that the serum killed anyone who used it, Spider-Man had to develop a cure for his crime-fighting friend.

5 Daredevil thinks Spider-Man is funny

Spider-Man and Daredevil may be similar in fighting styles, but personality-wise they’re quite different. Spider-Man distracts his enemies by running his mouth, while Daredevil silently focuses on the battle and lets his senses guide him.

When working together, they stick to their personal styles. This means that Spider-Man is constantly joking while Daredevil tries to concentrate. Daredevil may seem outwardly annoyed by this, but he secretly loves it. While Daredevil would never tell Spider-Man he cracks him up, he admitted it to himself.

4 Spider-Man has impersonated Daredevil more than once

When Matt Murdock was hired to sue Daredevil for destruction of public property, his dual identity was in jeopardy. Needing to be in two places at once, Matt asked Spider-Man to impersonate Daredevil. Demonstrating his agility to the crowd, Spider-Man convinced them he was Daredevil.

It wasn’t the only time Peter wore the Daredevil costume. When his roommate was attacked, Peter was unable to access his Spider-Man costume. Matt let him use the Daredevil costume, with the slight modification of having eye holes gouged out.

3 Spider-Man Admires Daredevil

Spider-Man began his career as a teenager and mostly associated with adult heroes who became his role models. While he aspired to be a scientist like Mr. Fantastic or a great hero like Captain America, it was Daredevil that Spider-Man came to respect and identify with the most.

When Black Cat was trapped, Spider-Man needed advice from Matt Murdock. On his way to meet Daredevil, Spider-Man reflected on how Daredevil continues in the face of tragedy, which inspired Peter to carry on as Spider-Man no matter what life throws at him.

2 Their friendship has been reset

Between Spider-Man resetting his background and Daredevil having his identity exposed and hidden again, things got complicated between Spider-Man and Daredevil to the point where they became strangers. Spider-Man kept referring to Daredevil as one of his oldest and most trusted colleagues, but he didn’t know why.

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When Daredevil needed Spider-Man’s help to retrieve a briefcase in Hong Kong, they ended up talking about secrets and the lack of trust between them. Spider-Man wouldn’t give up the briefcase until Daredevil explained why he needed it, and then Spider-Man started to trust him.

1 They rely on each other for emotional support

Life can get overwhelming for Spider-Man and Daredevil, and when that happens, they tend to withdraw from others. When Daredevil faced the possibility of going to prison for murder, he reached out to Spider-Man to mend their friendship, which was on shaky ground.

Spider-Man, who once stood in Daredevil’s shoes, let his anger take over. He later apologized to Daredevil. They hugged and then shared for hours, realizing the importance of having a friend who knows what they’ve been through.

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