10 Ways No Way Home Prepares For The MCU’s Future

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has returned to form in 2021 with the release of five Disney+ series and four feature films. The year was capped off by the highly anticipated third installment of Tom Holland’s web-slinger trilogy in the MCU—Spider-Man: No Coming Home—which quickly became the best-selling film of the year within days.

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Featuring characters and references from all eras of Spidey’s history, No coming home picks up after Mysterio exposes Peter Parker’s identity as Spider-Man, turning his world upside down. Seeking Doctor Strange’s help to solve his problems, young Parker unwittingly tears the fabric of reality with Strange’s spell, forever changing the future of the MCU.

ten Find out who Peter Parker is in the MCU

SMH Peter Parker Midtown High Bonded Corridor

When Marvel Studios first announced the redesign of Spider-Man in 2015, many fans were understandably worried about seeing another rebooted version of the character. To try to compensate for this, the MCU intentionally avoided recapping the webhead’s origins. Instead, they featured him as Tony Stark’s ward in the ambitious Captain America: Civil War.

Since then, Dutchman Peter Parker has been closely tied to the Iron Man legacy. However, this drastically changes No coming home when Peter is cut off from his support system after the film’s climax. With no one remembering who Peter Parker is, Spider-Man’s identity (and history) has effectively been reset, allowing him to start his journey all over again.

9 The Pursuit of His Magical Prowess by Ned Leeds

Despite being a stacked movie, No coming home still managed to surprise audiences in unexpected ways, including a twist revealing that Ned Leeds has an innate aptitude for magic in the MCU. While some have attributed this unexpected twist to plot convenience, it turns Peter’s friend into a powerful ally he desperately needs in the final battle.

Although Doctor Strange initially scoffs at Ned’s thoughts about his magical potential, he gives the young man a brief moment of respect after Leeds sends the wizard back to New York from the Grand Canyon. Could Ned’s future in the MCU take a turn towards magic? It would certainly be quite different from his comic arc as the villainous Hobgoblin.

8 Doctor Strange needs to prove himself

Strange uses the Time Stone

One of the many bombs dropped by No coming home was the shocking revelation that Doctor Strange no longer held the mantle of Sorcerer Supreme. As Strange explains to a confused Peter, his “temporary” death during the events of 2018 Avengers: Infinity War prompted Wong to replace him – a title the Wizard seems to have retained ever since.

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Therefore, despite being at the height of his power, the former neurosurgeon seems to need to prove himself as the most powerful wizard in the MCU. But with Wanda Maximoff embracing her role as the Scarlet Witch and the impending threat of the multiverse, perhaps it’s Strange’s hubris that unveils the reality of the MCU as fans know it.

seven The multiverse promises madness and chaos

With Sylvie breaking the sacred chronology in LokiInfinity Ultron threatening the multiverse in What if…?, and Spider-Man exposing the MCU’s prime reality to alternate dimensions, the multiverse is shaping up to be an important part of the MCU’s future. Moreover, the next year 2022 Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness seeks to explore the concept even further.

However, if the teasers fans have gotten so far suggest anything, it’s that the multiverse promises plenty of madness and mayhem. Likewise, if No coming home brought back both iconic villains and heroes from Sony’s legacy Spider Man movies, so it’s all on the table for the strange doctor sequel that the film sets up.

6 Peter Parker’s life as a student

The release of 2021 No coming home signals the end of another era for live-action Spider-Man, with Holland’s Peter Parker concluding his high school journey with one of the most ambitious Spider-Man stories ever told. Without the technology of Stark Industries or the support of his friends and family, Peter Parker is truly alone now in the MCU.

However, Sony exec Amy Pascal has hinted that Peter’s story in the MCU isn’t over yet and fans will see the return of the web lead to some degree. If Holland chooses to sign on for another trilogy, it will likely detail the crawler’s life as he struggles through college and possibly even take part in a side gig with the controversial Daily Bugle.

5 The promise to feature Miles Morales

Spider-Man - Miles Morales - Swinging.

The crazy success of the anime of 2018 Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse brought the biracial Miles Morales to the fore in the world of Spider-Man, with fans eagerly awaiting his live-action debut. Fans aren’t without hope, as the MCU has now teased the Afro-Latino teenager’s future debut twice in the Dutch Spider-Man trilogy.

In 2017 Spider-Man: HomecomingPeter finds himself interrogating Donald Glover’s Aaron Davis, who happens to be Miles’ uncle. No coming homehowever, goes one step further when Jamie Foxx’s Electro inquires about the existence of a dark Spider-Man somewhere in the multiverse, which is perhaps a nod to Shameik Moore’s Miles from the long run. footage from 2018.

4 Peter finally finds his friends

Fans were surprised when No coming home made the choice to kill off Marisa Tomei’s Aunt May halfway through the film, revealing that the MCU told an extended version of Spidey’s origin story through a trilogy as Tomei’s May urges the character to Holland to assume the role of great responsibility in the fight against his greatest enemies.

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Like all Spidey origin stories, Peter finds himself making a big sacrifice at the film’s climax. In this case, Peter asks Doctor Strange to cast a spell to make everyone – including his best friends Ned and MJ – forget about him. Although Peter chooses not to reveal his identity to them again at the end of the film, fans hope that the three will reunite as friends again one day.

3 The Rise of the MCU’s Real Sinister Six

Spider-Man NWH Sinister Six

After the mess of 2014 amazing spider man 2fans wondered if a successful iteration of a live-action Sinister Six team could actually be achieved. Into the Spider-Verse certainly proved that making a good Spider Man movie featuring multiple villains was possible, but featuring five villains in 2021 No coming home had skeptical fans.

Fortunately, No coming home couldn’t have been in better hands with Marvel Studios, giving fans a stellar ensemble piece and a captivating story, even if it doesn’t *quite* deliver on the promise of a Sinister Six team. However, with Vulture and Scorpion still digging into the MCU, the possibility of the sinister team forming in the future is still very real.

2 The Man Without Fear Returns to the MCU

Daredevil and Kingpin

Although rumors swirled that Charlie Cox would return as Matt Murdock in No coming home, many remained skeptical given how stacked the cast of Holland Spidey’s third outing was. However, Cox makes a brief appearance as Murdock to assure Peter and his friends that the legal charges of Mysterio’s doctored footage would be dropped.

Since Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin tangentially returned as the King of Crime of New York on Disney+ Hawk Eye a few days ago, it’s safe to say that much of the world of Daredevil will return to official MCU canon in the near future. This will probably only make it into the next Alaqua Cox movie. Echo series on Disney+.

1 Setting up the MCU’s own Symbiote saga

Since Tom Hardy debuted as Eddie Brock in 2018 Venom – the inaugural feature in Sony’s Spider-Man universe – fans have been asking for Hardy’s Venom and Holland’s Spider-Man to face off in a live-action movie. While he doesn’t share screen time (yet), No coming homeThe post-credits scene teases the Symbiote’s future in the MCU.

Although 2021 let there be carnage Teleports Hardy’s Brock To The MCU, He Ends Up Not Playing A Significant Role In No coming home before Strange’s final spell teleports him back to his home reality. However, the symbiote left behind seems to indicate that Holland’s next MCU adventure will be tied to the alien Klyntar.

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