15 Weirdest PlayStation One Games Ever

3. Incredible Crisis

Essentially a collection of mini-games, incredible crisis sees you controlling a family of ordinary people as they endure the most unusual day of their lives. Whereas incredible crisis button-crush gameplay button-crush gameplay makes this one of the most challenging titles on the PS1, it’s “absolutely everything else” about this project that makes it one of the weirdest experiences ever. console.

By the time you (hopefully) beat incredible crisisyou will have participated in office-mandated exercises delivered through a DDRstyle rhythm sequence, gave someone an erotic massage on a Ferris wheel, escaped UFOs, fought a giant teddy bear, survived a bank robbery, and piloted a jet fighter. Oh, and a lot of those escapades are set to ska music. This game is just…so awesome.

LSD: dream emulator

2. LSD: dream emulator

If you’re trying to keep this entry as sane and simple as possible, you should probably try to think of LSD as a first walking simulator designed to mimic what it’s like to live a particularly vivid dream. There are almost no traditional gameplay objectives to speak of in this one. The allure of the whole experience is based on seeing what happens next.

Simply put, this might be the weirdest “experimental” video game ever made. There are times when LSD is a deeply unsettling horror game, there are times when it’s essentially an interactive screensaver, and there are times when it’s an eerily serene journey through the minds of its creators. Above all, this game achieves its goal of recreating the feeling of wandering on a dreamlike or hallucinogenic journey. Honestly, that would be an amazing VR game.

Germs: Nerawareta Machi

1. Sprouts: Nerawareta Machi

I get it if you assume the weirdest thing about this game is its textless cover filled with images of what you’ll soon realize are actually naked, twisted and deformed human bodies. However, I want to assure you that even this cover image cannot prepare you for what this title is really about.

germs is a 3D open-world game where you play as a journalist who has returned to his hometown to report on mysterious incidents. These incidents turn out to be the result of a deadly infection spread by mutants. Indeed, the biggest risk in this game is the possibility of being infected during one of its rare combat sequences. If you are infected, you will have to run to this hospital for treatment.

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