4 things to do this summer in Colorado


In colorful Colorado, there are over 10,000 things to do this summer. Some are more fun than others, but whatever you like to do for fun, there’s likely to be something you enjoy doing. It doesn’t matter if you’re a homebody or love the outdoors, there will be ideas you might enjoy. These 4 things to do in Colorado are sure to amuse you.

1: Go camping.

Camping is one of the most fun things to do outdoors. Not only do you witness the true beauty on the outside, but you can also bring out the wilderness within you. If you are going camping, I challenge you to go to a considerable height and gaze down at the ground below and breathe in the pleasant summer air. Don’t forget the insect repellent.

2: Start a garden

Gardening is a fun hobby for people who don’t want to leave their homes too much. There are a variety of plants you can choose from. You can choose from vegetables, berries, flowers, or all of the above. If you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, this could be the perfect option to keep you busy and nourished during the summers. Broccoli, beets, cabbage, carrots, poppy seed, and Russian sage are a few plants that grow well in Colorado.

3: Hike

Colorado is famous for its beautiful outdoor landscapes and incredible sights. There are thousands of trails in Colorado that anyone can access most of the time. I recommend Garden of the Gods, Kohler Mesa Trail and Boulder Canyon Trail. Chances are there is a trail within a mile of you.

4: Family night out

One of the best things you can do is do something with the people you love the most. It can be nice to hang out with friends and family. You can go out to see a movie in Century Boulder or go to Gateway and race the Go-Karts. You can even rent a Red-Box movie and buy candy and popcorn if you’re on a budget.

No matter what you like to do, there will always be an option of something fun to do. It doesn’t matter if you’re a homebody or an outdoorsy person, Colorado has something fun for you.

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