4 ways to find cool pieces on the clubhouse


Have you ever found yourself browsing the Clubhouse home page looking for an interesting venue to join? If you have, you are not alone.

Clubhouse is a great platform to connect with people with similar interests, but it can get annoying quickly if you can’t find rooms on topics that interest you.

If you start to lose interest in the Clubhouse app because you can’t find any interesting rooms, read on; we’ll show you how to navigate the Clubhouse app to find the best rooms for you.

What are Clubhouse rooms?

The clubhouse rooms are where you can join, listen and contribute to conversations. If you have an idea, you can create one yourself. Alternatively, you can join someone else’s.

If you decide to join an already existing room, the tips below will save you time in your research.

1. Change your interests on Clubhouse

When logging in, Clubhouse usually asks new users to choose the topics that interest them. Its algorithm then recommends rooms to users based on those interests.

However, it is not uncommon to find new users just by clicking on enough options to allow them to skip the page of interest so they can get to the main app faster. This could be especially true for those who have had to wait for the Clubhouse app to be open to everyone.

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If you chose interests when you registered with the Clubhouse, but they have changed, you can make changes. You can also do this if you feel like you are not getting suggested rooms that suit your desires.

To change your interests, go to Profile> Settings> Interest. There you will find hundreds of topics and can choose as many as you want.

2. Join niche clubs

If you’ve changed your interests but still can’t find interesting venues on Clubhouse, you should consider joining clubs in your niche. This way you will be notified whenever a room is hosted in the club.

You can find clubs related to various topics by researching keywords used in those niches. For example, if you want to join a cryptocurrency club, you can type any of the words commonly associated with cryptocurrency (“bitcoin”, “ethereum”, etc.) into the search bar. Once done, you will find several clubs dedicated to cryptocurrency.

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3. Follow experts in your niche

Another way to find exciting rooms on Clubhouse is to follow experts in that niche on the platform. By doing this you will be able to see which clubs they own and moderate.

From the profiles of these users, watch and see if any parts intrigue you. After that, join all those that you find interesting.

4. Search for Clubhouse rooms on Twitter

Twitter can be a great search engine if you know how to use it. And it can also help you find Clubhouse rooms in your niche. The process of finding Clubhouse rooms on Twitter is similar to searching on the Clubhouse explore page.

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Type a keyword associated with the niche in the Twitter search bar, then add “clubhouse.” Going back to the cryptocurrency example, you can search for “cryptocurrency club” or “NFT club”. See the screenshots below to see how it appears.

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There is a Clubhouse room for everyone

Clubhouse is a great place for people who want to listen to people share their thoughts on different topics. Experts from all niches share their experience with listeners every day on the Clubhouse app.

From blockchain and cryptocurrency to philosophy and marketing, there is a Clubhouse room for everyone. And by changing your interests and using Clubhouse and Twitter search, you’ll always find great rooms to join.

How did the Clubhouse become so popular?

Although this is an iOS and invitation-only app, Clubhouse has grown in popularity. So what led to its success?

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