5 easy and free ways to diagnose the health of your online marketing for your business

Assessing the effectiveness of your search engine optimization and online marketing can be a tedious task with no real answer. There are a few easy ways to diagnose the overall effectiveness of your online marketing. This simple method cannot give you

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SEO is simple to learn and Google even provides you with the exact methods to rank you at the top of search results. It’s important for business owners to learn all they can about SEO

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Business owners are bombarded with emails about their ineffective digital marketing. These tools identify for free if your marketing is doing well.

I’m all about third party verification, it’s unbiased information you can trust. These tools (some straight from Google) check your digital marketing vital signs – if you’re having trouble, you’ll know.

—David Phillips, CEO of SayWhat Consulting

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, October 4, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Business owners face a daily deluge of emails and calls from marketing companies trying to win their business by raising doubts about their marketing efforts. It is impossible for many business owners to know what is right or wrong. We’ve found 5 simple, free steps that business owners can use to diagnose the overall health of their online marketing efforts. These 5 steps won’t give you a complete assessment of your online marketing efforts, but they will give you a very clear and unbiased picture of the quality of your online marketing. You will quickly be able to see if you have significant problems or not. They will take you around 5 minutes to complete and the results will either give you peace of mind that you are well represented by your online marketing efforts or that you are not up to scratch. You can read the full article 5 Simple Steps to Diagnose the Health of Your Online Marketing but we’ve also provided a brief summary below. If your online marketing efforts haven’t passed the tests, it’s probably important that you take action sooner rather than later, as they all play major factors in your digital marketing efforts, such as search engine optimization and conversion.

“As a business consultant, I’m all about third-party verification – it’s unbiased and information you can trust. All you have to do is enter your domain and those sites (including including Google itself) will assess the health of your online marketing. Digital marketing companies have every reason to stretch the truth when it comes to your online marketing results,” says David Phillips, CEO of SayWhat Consulting, “but these tools give you a really unbiased review so you can really tell whether you have marketing issues or not.”

Below is the summary of the 5 steps you should take immediately to check the overall effectiveness of your online marketing efforts. The article (https://saywt.com/simple-marketing-checks) contains links to all the resources mentioned below, as well as a much more detailed explanation of the importance of each step.

1. Duplicate content will devastate your online ranking. ** Takes 1 minute to verify **
All you have to do is go to the website, enter your domain and it will tell you the percentage of duplicate content on your website. Duplicate content will destroy your online ranking. If you have a large amount, you must act immediately.

2. Is your website speed hurting your SEO and conversion? ** Takes 30 seconds to verify **
This tool comes directly from Google. Just enter your domain and Google will rank your website and tell you what needs to be fixed. The speed of your website is essential for SEO, Pay Per Click Marketing and your overall conversion. It is important enough that Google has created this specific tool that allows you, in about 30 seconds, to assess the speed of your desktop and mobile versions of your website. A bad Google rating can’t be a good thing, so fix it soon.

3. Does your website have any Google penalty or security issues? ** Takes 1 minute to verify **
This is another specially designed tool from Google that very few business owners are aware of. This is an easy and effective way to understand major issues your website may be experiencing. Checking for a Google penalty and security issues takes about a minute, but the amount of valuable information it provides is worth investing time in research. It is the least known but most powerful tool for any business owner to validate the effectiveness of their digital marketing efforts.

4. Check your current website traffic compared to 12 months, 24 months and 36 months ago! **Takes 2 minutes to verify**
This is another tool straight from Google. Digital marketing is a results-driven business and measuring your traffic through this source will not only allow you to track your performance against previous years and months, but also assess how people are finding you, what locations your marketing works and doesn’t, the time they spend on your website and much more. A few simple clicks can give you a wealth of information about the effectiveness of your marketing.

5. Perform a Quick Domain Scan **Takes 30 seconds to verify**
This tool can provide you with a wealth of interesting information about your website in an easy to read format. It summarizes your strengths and weaknesses and provides valuable insight into your overall marketing health.

Depending on the results of your quick review, you might feel pretty happy with your online marketing or you might have a few more questions – or want a full online marketing audit. We currently offer comprehensive online marketing audits at no cost or obligation to potential clients. https://saywt.com/audit-marketing-online We are digital marketing consultants with over 20 years of experience – proven, trackable results. We can also connect you with a digital marketing company that can better meet your search engine optimization, pay-per-click marketing, or web design goals.

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