5 LinkedIn Alternatives for Job Searching and Professional Networking

LinkedIn is undoubtedly a multidimensional platform; it provides quality job postings, offers information to potential employers, and lays the foundation for career advancement. Nevertheless, you should not limit yourself to this professional networking portal.

There are plenty of other professional job boards and networking sites full of opportunities dedicated to finding the right job for job seekers. And so, we have brought you a list of the best LinkedIn alternatives that you can use for a career and opportunity search.

In the age of technology, the internet has made it incredibly easier to find jobs, explore potential opportunities, and change careers. And when that becomes a top priority, Indeed should be the first website you tap on.

This is a comprehensive job site with thousands of job postings bundled into one medium from various sources. Here, job seekers can post their resume, browse job postings, and wait for potential employers to search for them. This meta search engine aggregates endless possibilities from different websites or nearby professional companies (using GPS) until your CV falls into the right hands.

What separates Indeed from LinkedIn is the nature of the two platforms. While LinkedIn is all about social media and a powerful search tool, Indeed cares more about your success in landing a job. It’s not just a job site, but it also allows employers to schedule video interviews online, saving you the hassle of travel.

Glassdoor is an all-in-one package with millions of job postings and other valuable company information in one place. While LinkedIn is also great for gaining insight into a company’s work culture, it can’t compete with Glassdoor. This LinkedIn alternative is designed to help job seekers make informed decisions to assess whether they are a good fit for an organization.

Here, workers leave anonymous reviews, enlightening others on what they can expect from a company in terms of its pay and compensation, rewards and recognition, work-life balance, and more. All of this ensures that job seekers do not remain clueless and oblivious to any company that is quickly gaining a bad reputation.

Meetup tops the list of LinkedIn alternatives for all good reasons. This social networking platform lets you find or join nearby groups and bond around common interests. Sign up, share your interests and start mingling.

Meetup surpasses LinkedIn in the aspect of professional networking by providing potential career opportunities and taking you from the digital world to the real world. Meetup, as the name suggests, is built on in-person events; however, one can also have a group meeting online.

While LinkedIn is a business conversation with little to no information about users’ personal lives, Meetup promotes conversations about just about anything – career aspirations, skills, or hobbies, keeping you busy on the weekends. After all, it’s about branching out and making connections that nurture your long-term career.

ZipRecruiter is another great LinkedIn alternative for your job search as it aims to connect employees to the right organization and their open positions. It has made searching for tedious candidates efficient and accurate, making it one of the best job posting websites for employers.

However, it is also fruitful for job seekers. It provides AI-powered matching technology and easy-to-use job search tools, especially its one-click apply feature, which makes it incredibly easy to apply for a job.

Simply find a job posting you like, hit that button, and watch your resume and profile information delivered to the potential employer. It’s that simple. Plus, once you sign up, you’ll receive text updates and notifications that will keep you in the know no matter where you are.

Shapr is a social networking site committed to connecting people with similar professional interests and goals. It’s often misunderstood as a dating app because it has a user-friendly interface, allowing you to swipe around 10-15 profiles of other professionals with similar interests – swipe right on a profile you’re interested in, swipe left for the next one.

Unlike LinkedIn, Shapr uses mindful interaction and personal experiences as tools to strengthen your relationships with like-minded people. With your interests and backgrounds in mind, this LinkedIn alternative provides a personalized experience for every user.

Undoubtedly, this is a game-changer for anyone lacking in networking skills, as choosing the right social network can be crucial for a job search. And if you’re also struggling to diversify, Shapr has a solution to help you up your networking game, meet strategic advisors, potential opportunities, and more.

LinkedIn Alternatives for Job Searching and Professional Networking

Whichever online platform you opt for, understand that the smart way to achieve your goal is to increase your online presence, whether in job hunting or professional networking. Even then, it doesn’t always promise positive results, which begs the question of what you’re doing wrong.

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