6 ways Sony’s Symbiote could have a POSITIVE impact on the Marvel Cinematic Universe



When Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios struck a new deal that means they’ll continue to share Spider-Man, it was made clear that Tom Holland’s wall robot would start to oscillate between two worlds. Thanks to the introduction of the Multiverse in Loki, it’s now possible, and that means we might soon see Peter Parker in everything from Kraven the hunter To Silk and Morbius.

Before reaching this point, it became clear that Spidey will eventually come across Tom Hardy’s Venom. Fans want to see it, and Sony is only too aware that it will be a box office success. Hardy has hinted that this could be the next Venom on the big screen, while Holland has also spoken positively about the crossover becoming a reality.

What kind of impact could it have on Spider-Man and the Marvel Cinematic Universe if the symbiote is technically part of the MCU or a world extremely similar to it? That’s what we’re looking at today, and you might be surprised at where things could go!

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6. Peter Parker gets a powerful new costume

In an ideal world, Peter Parker would have traveled to Titan in Avengers: Infinity War and returned to Earth with a new alien costume. Things didn’t turn out that way, of course, which means when Spider-Man and Venom meet, the two characters will undergo major changes.

Venom will likely gain a strap and a new logo on the chest, while Tom Holland should have the chance to explore the darker side of Spidey. Considering how sensitive Venom is to Sony’s Marvel Universe, it should be fun watching him interact with Peter, although it’s possible that the web-slinger’s symbiote is another of the children of Venom (similar to Carnage). , for example).

Either way, given Spidey’s penchant for changing his costumes on the big screen, something tells us that his new alien costume could be a permanent addition that will follow him into the MCU. This will potentially be a game-changer for how his future stories play out, and the MCU that leans on the dark path that leads it could make some must-see movies.

5. A New Thanos Level Threat


Thanos may be dead and gone, but Marvel Studios has plenty of new big issues they can introduce over the next few years. We’ve crossed paths with Kang the Conqueror before, while Galactus and Apocalypse are almost certainly going to appear in the not too distant future.

However, this working relationship with Sony Pictures could lead to the introduction of Knull. Primal God of the void who existed before the universe, Knull was enraged when the Celestials plundered his Dark Realm with Light. In retaliation, Knull created the symbiotes and used them to wage war on all of existence, but ended up being imprisoned by his alien army inside Klyntar.

The MCU already has ties to him in the form of Thor: Love and Thunder‘s Gorr the God Butcher and the Necrosword, so there are plenty of ways for Knull to get incorporated into the MCU. As a Thanos-level threat to Earth, we might see him fight Venom and The Mightiest Heroes on Earth.

4. An invasion of symbiotes


What’s the point of bringing Knull and a possible army of symbiotes to Earth? Well, for starters, we might end up seeing Captain America, Thor, and Doctor Strange all forcibly bonded to these aliens with only Spider-Man and Venom to fend off the mind-controlled Avengers.

It has the makings of a badass movie, and even if it’s just one or two MCU characters who find themselves dressed in new alien costumes, the visuals could be absolutely epic. It’s always been fun in the comics, and Marvel is actually moving a ton of merchandise featuring “Venom-ized†heroes (you’ll find action figures, Funko Pops, and more in stores) .

As a result, this crossover might appeal to both Disney and Sony, but it looks like we might be the real winners. If Marvel Studios is ready to share Spider-Man, then they might be happy to send a few more familiar faces to Sony’s Marvel Universe to take on Knull’s Army, while the alternative is for the aliens to start showing up. in the MCU. It’s a win / win, right?

3. Venom receives feedback from Kevin Feige


Sony Pictures owns the film rights to Spider-Man and that means they can do whatever they want with these characters (within reason). Leaked “Sony Hack” emails confirmed that Kevin Feige offered his contribution with The Incredible Spider-Man 2, but in terms of creation, he’s not really involved.

However, if Venom finds its way into the MCU, the president of Marvel Studios may find ways to improve it. It already looks like Venom: let there be carnage Director Andy Serkis’ vision for the character is a major improvement over that of Ruben Fleischer, but with Feige involved in the Spider-Man / Venom crossover, we could see Eddie Brock take another step in the right direction.

It could be as simple as bringing in the talented concept artists at Marvel Studios to redesign the look of Venom, or as practical as helping to create the creative direction for this reunion on the big screen. Either way, we can’t help but be convinced that with Feige good things would follow for Eddie.

2. The battle we’ve been waiting for


Spider-Man vs. Venom is one thing, but Spider-Man vs. Venom vs. Carnage? Well that would be on a whole new level. “Maximum Carnage” didn’t age particularly well, but it was one hell of an event story, with Spider-Man joined by Black Cat, Captain America, and Deathlok in an effort to end Cletus Kasady’s murderous rampage across new York City.

By merging these two worlds – even taking the Multiverse route – we can finally get a big screen adaptation of one of the most epic Spider-Man battles to ever make the page.

It doesn’t even have to be “Maximum Carnage,†but Marvel Studios getting involved in what is sure to be a crossover that you can’t miss would be good for everyone. A darker storyline like this would also be something new for the MCU, especially as the studio continues to receive criticism for what many see as a stereotypical style of storytelling in its films.

1. A new venom


With Venom set to make its way into the world of Spider-Man, it’s not just Peter Parker that Eddie Brock could have an impact on. Mac Gargan was introduced in Spider-Man: Homecoming, and found himself behind bars and seriously injured after crossing paths with the friendly neighborhood superhero.

This movie’s mid-credits scene made it clear that the villain is looking for revenge, and if becoming a Scorpion doesn’t work for him (and we don’t think so), then giving him the Venom symbiote would be a logical next step. This version of the character was an absolute beast, imposing on his enemies and taking great pleasure in eating… everyone. This would be the Venom that we’ve come across made up to 100.

What that would mean for Eddie Brock is hard to say (he might have to don another symbiote like Anti-Venom, for example), but there’s a lot of storytelling potential here. However, this could only really be made possible by bringing Venom to the MCU’s Spider-Man corner in a meaningful way.


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