8 Huge Questions Marvel Studios Needs To Answer In The Next Movie

It’s been almost a year since Spider-Man: No Coming Home is out in theaters, and as excited as we are for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, we can’t help but miss the excitement generated by threequel. It was a hell of a movie, and Spiderman 4 really can’t get here soon enough.

It’s rumored to hit theaters in 2024, kicking off an all-new Spider Man trilogy set in the MCU.

The events of this latest film have given the hero a fresh start on Earth-616, but there are some huge questions we think Marvel Studios should strive to answer in this fourth film (and we’re not talking about the bigger ones). obvious as if this Venom symbiote will come into play).

From missing details about how he became Spider-Man to lingering plot threads and the fallout from Doctor Strange’s fate, you can check out these questions – and our take on how they might be answered – at clicking the “Next” button below.

8. How Memory Spell Works Really Work?

We thought Doctor Strange’s fate was pretty straightforward; the world would forget who Peter Parker is, but still remember Spider-Man (essentially rewriting reality). However, the prolonged cutting of Spider-Man: No Coming Home muddied the waters with a new post-credits scene.

In this, it was revealed that Peter is still in the photos, although his image is distorted. Is it just the way others see them or the result of some kind of weird band-aid on Earth-616? Moreover, will the hero be able to make his entourage speak by unmasking or showing them the proof that they have crossed paths before?

For example, does MJ remember having a boyfriend or are those memories completely gone? Besides, do MJ and Ned even remember why they were at the Statue of Liberty?! While we don’t anticipate Spiderman 4 being another multiversal adventure, that’s definitely something the next movie needs to address.

7. What’s Spidey’s status quo with his fellow heroes?


Doctor Strange mentioned Spider-Man in passing during his recent sequel, but what will he and the rest of the MCU heroes now do crawling when they cross paths?

Secret identities aren’t really a thing in this reality, so we have to believe they don’t really trust this kid. Now, it’s not like he’s unmasked himself in front of everyone he’s fought with, but with J. Jonah Jameson convincing the world Spider-Man is a hidden threat, we can’t help but to think we’ll start to see a rift between Peter and his fellow heroes.

This matches the comics where, before becoming a New Avenger, meeting Earth’s Mightiest Heroes would most often result in a fight rather than a team-up.

6. Is he going to college?


In the blink of an eye and you’ll miss it at the end of Spider-Man: No Coming Home, it was revealed that Peter planned to graduate from high school with a GED. He couldn’t exactly go back to Midtown High when no one knows who he is, but what does the teenager – who now lives in Manhattan – do next?

We have to believe that he will go to college, and like his comic book counterpart, it will likely be Empire State University.

Peter may have dreamed of going to MIT (which, coincidentally, is where Riri Williams studies), but that’s not his now, especially since the last thing he would want to do is again putting MJ and Ned in danger. It’s possible he’s just going to get a job, of course, especially since in reality, a GED student who can afford the Empire State is highly unlikely…

5. Will Peter Parker get a new love interest?


Peter and MJ’s romance really blossomed in Spider-Man: Far From Home, and it continued in last year’s trio. As they fell in love, we couldn’t help but develop a soft spot for their relationship. Alas, it came to a tragic end when Michelle’s memories of her boyfriend were taken from her.

Despite what seemed like a glimpse of recognition at this cafe, Peter decides not to reveal himself to MJ and appears to distance himself from the woman he loved in an effort to protect her. With a fresh start in the Big Apple, will we see Spidey move on and meet someone new?

While we’d love for Gwen Stacy to make her MCU debut, it seems unlikely the hero would want to put another “normal” girl in danger. That would Spiderman 4 the perfect place to introduce Black Cat, but it’s hard to say if Felicia Hardy is caught up in Sony’s mostly gruesome plans for her own Marvel Universe.

4. What happened to Uncle Ben?


We understand why Marvel Studios chose to gloss over Spider-Man’s origin story, especially since moving on from this very familiar story was key when Peter entered the MCU. However, some answers would certainly be welcome when Spiderman 4 comes our way.

While we can probably safely assume that Peter was bitten by a genetically enhanced or radioactive spider while on a field trip or at a science exhibit like his comic book counterpart, we still don’t know if Uncle Ben even exists in the MCU. There have been hints that he was a part of the teenage life, but Spidey’s real Uncle Ben moment actually came when Aunt May passed away.

It’s a unique twist on his origin that has now laid the groundwork for a more comic-accurate Spider-Man, but come on, isn’t it time to at least get some clarification on Ben’s role? in what led to Peter becoming a superhero?

3. Where are his other costumes?


In this incredible final swing, we see that the MCU’s Spider-Man now has a suit more in keeping with his comic book counterpart and what Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield wore on their respective outings. Gone is all the technology, and in its place is a real homemade costume that looks…spectacular.

But what happened to his other costumes? The Iron Spider suit was not completely destroyed in Spider-Man: No Coming Home as far as we know, while we’re sure the built-in suit could be recovered, even after being beaten in this final battle.

Of course, without additional access to Stark technology, it seems likely that repairing either would have been beyond a teenager’s abilities with a sewing machine. We’d still like to know what made Peter give up this technology, and how not having it will affect his adventures.

2. Can its old status quo be restored?


On the one hand, Spider-Man: No Coming Home felt a lot like a goodbye for the MCU character. We have to believe this stems from the fact that no long-term deal between Disney/Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures was in place at the time, let alone the fact that Tom Holland was apparently ready to step down from the role.

Making the world forget about Peter and knowing that Spidey was still out there fighting the good fight was a satisfying enough ending, but with another trilogy reportedly on the way, can his old status quo be restored?

We don’t see Strange’s spell unraveling, but when it comes to remembering MJ, Ned, and Happy, it would be great to see the hero find a way to restore his memories. Plus, it really feels like it’s missing out on the dynamic he had with other characters like Flash Thompson and even Betty Brant.

1. Is he a street-level superhero now?


Of course we hope so.

The MCU’s take on Spider-Man has been a lot of fun, and the character sure got a makeover afterward. The Amazing Spider-Man 2. However, seeing him don an Iron Man-created suit or head out into space didn’t feel very Spidey, and we’d like to think the final run through snowy New York was a sign that things are on point. to change.

The whole “Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man” approach in Back home felt too small, and it was about time we saw the web-slinger fight crime in the Big Apple. Hopefully this leads to a rumored team up with Daredevil which will see them face off with The Kingpin together.

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