A complete timeline of Spider-Man and Black Cat’s romantic history

Peter Parker has had his fair share of love interests over the years. The iconic Mary Jane, the tragic Gwen Stacy and the complicated Debra Whitman are just a few of his many girlfriends. However, of all the women in his life, his most fiery romance was with the anti-heroic Felicia Hardy, the black cat.

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Spider-Man and the Black Cat have been riding a romantic roller coaster since the day they met. With a passionate start to their on-and-off decades-long relationship, the two had many adventures together as friends and as lovers. Regardless of their relationship status, when the web-slinger and the iconic cat burglar reunite, things can only heat up!

13 First encounter between Spider-Man and Black Cat

Black Cat first appeared in 1979 on the pages of The Amazing Spider-Man, written by Marv Wolfman, designed by Dave Cockrum and drawn by Keith Pollard. In the midst of a plot to free her father from prison, Felicia encountered Spider-Man and was immediately intrigued by the Wall-Crawler, unexpectedly kissing the NYC hero.

Throughout the story, Black Cat continues her quest and game of cat and mouse with Spider-Man. At the end of the two-issue arc, she appears to fall to her death. It would be one of many fake deaths for Felicia over the years.

12 The Black Cat’s Obsession with Spider-Man

Shortly after his apparent death, the criminal feline returned to amazing spider man in 1980, this time written by David Michelinie. Spider-Man interrupted his museum robbery and the two playfully fought before Black Cat left empty-handed, forcing Peter to contemplate his feelings for Felicia.

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Black Cat behaves strangely around Spider-Man, and he realizes that she has developed an unhealthy obsession with him after her father’s death. Compassionately, he convinces her to go to therapy instead of quitting.

11 The black cat returns but “dies” again

The Black Cat made her next comeback in 1982. She admitted she once faked mental illness to avoid jail time, but pleaded with Spider-Man. claiming that she wanted to give up crime and join him as a vigilante and romantic partner.

While they sealed their new relationship with a kiss, things seem to be going well. Unfortunately, that didn’t last long as staying on the right side of the law proved difficult for Felicia. She relapsed into her criminal ways, then seemingly slipped into a watery grave, disappearing for a while.

ten The two become lovers and partners

Black Cat would reappear again in The spectacular Spider-Man in 1983. Peter was delighted that she was not dead and they immediately resumed their relationship with a passionate kiss.

This was the start of Spider-Man and Black Cat’s first serious relationship and extended partnership. Spider-Man even eventually met Felicia’s mother and was introduced as Felicia’s boyfriend. However, Spider-Man would not reveal his secret identity to his girlfriend, a clear obstacle to their romance.

9 Peter reveals his identity to Felicia

Felicia wasn’t always interested in Spider-Man’s secret identity, but as their relationship progressed, she became more curious about the man under the mask. Spider-Man basically knew everything about his partner but he kept his secrets. This changed later in 1983 in Bill Mantlo’s run on Spectacular Spider-Man.

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Via illustrations by Al Milgrom and Jim Mooney, Peter told Black Cat his life story. He tells her about his uncle’s murder, the origins of his powers, and why he became Spider-Man. In the end, he took off his mask but Felicia was repelled by the truth. She didn’t like Peter Parker, only Spider-Man.

8 Black Cat gets superpowers to help Spider-Man

Only two issues later, in 1984, Felicia attempted to return alongside Peter. As her lack of superpowers put her in danger, she searched for a solution and several superheroes refused to help her before a mysterious stranger approached her. She underwent an experimental process that increased her speed, strength, and agility and inflicted bad luck on her enemies.

This was a huge upgrade for the Black Cat. However, The Kingpin was behind his transformation and he had big plans for the feline anti-hero.

seven Secrets and superpowers break ’em

In 1985, Felicia’s secrets disrupted her relationship with Spider-Man, and arguments over her newfound powers damaged their romance. Everything came to a head when Black Cat faced the Kingpin.

It was then that Wilson Fisk revealed that Black Cat’s bad luck was beyond his control and put Spider-Man in constant danger. She decided to end the relationship to protect Peter but Spider-Man broke up with her first. He couldn’t live with the fact that she loved Spider-Man but didn’t care about Peter Parker.

6 The black cat returns (again)

Spider-Man and Black Cat took a decades-long hiatus after this storyline, but Felicia finally returned to Peter’s life in 2009 in The Amazing Spider-Man. Just like before, they caught up with the good old days before taking on a villain together.

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After a televised kiss in Central Park, Spider-Man and Black Cat got back together professionally and sometimes romantically. Their relationship wasn’t as serious this time but their chemistry was hard to deny.

5 The Black Cat rejects Spider-Man and embraces Daredevil

Also in 2009, the relationship between Spider-Man and Black Cat takes a strange turn in amazing spider man. Peter had just been dumped by a woman named Carlie Cooper and tried to get back together with Black Cat but she didn’t have him.

Shortly after, Black Cat was framed for a crime she didn’t commit and worked with Spider-Man and Daredevil to prove her innocence. After succeeding, Black Cat was hired by the same person who accused her of stealing from Daredevil. To gain his trust, she seduced him, kissing him on a rooftop as Spider-Man watched, killing any remaining romance.

4 Superior Spider-Man stopped a black cat

In 2013, Spider-Man’s spirit was replaced by Otto Octavius, who replaced Peter and became the Superior Spider-Man. Unsurprisingly, Otto’s cold personality has changed Spider-Man’s dynamic with many friends and foes, including Cat Noir.

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Octavius ​​confronted Black Cat in the middle of a robbery and wasted no time with small talk. He violently apprehended her for the police, shocking Felicia and leaving her furious at what looked like her ex’s vicious betrayal. This led to a protracted rift between the characters, a plot for revenge with Electro and Black Cat’s rise in the New York underworld.


2 They make up once again

Spider-Man and Black Cat finally reunited in 2018 in The Amazing Spider-Man. Felicia attacked him, remembering their previous encounter, but they finally agreed to work on a case together.

Peter and Felicia took on the evil Thieves Guild in this story. After their battle, they retreated to a rooftop and had an awkward conversation, unpacking years of baggage. Both in healthy romantic relationships, they agreed to just be friends, hugging on a rooftop in a fan-favorite panel that ended their romantic relationship momentarily.

1 Felicia is now a friend to Peter and Mary Jane

In 2022, Black Cat and Spider-Man are still close friends and allies, marking what might be the healthiest moment in their long relationship. Very recently, they worked together to rescue Peter’s most important love interest, Mary Jane Watson, from The Hood and Felica forged a strong bond with the redhead.

Together, Mary Jane and Black Cat traveled through New York’s underworld to investigate Red Hood’s goals, sharing conversations and feelings along the way. Whether they date or not, Felicia will always be important in Peter’s life. Barring more body-swapping shenanigans, that’s unlikely to change.

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