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Long Islanders have an exceptional flair for finding a good parking space, quality pizza dough, and a well-run local restaurant. A native of the region himself, CEO Jared Katz takes pride in how the Foodie Card benefits those in need while supporting local dining establishments. And the thriving business is now making its debut in the island’s idyllic East End.

Foodie Card was created in 2018 with the aim of connecting local foodies with. Long Island families in need. When members pay or renew their annual membership fee of $ 29.99, a full day of meals is offered to nearby residents who are food insecure.

“People want to help local families, so we allow members of Long Island to support Island Harvest,” Katz notes. “Our subscriptions in Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan are used for donations provided by City Harvest.”

Foodie Card subscribers, in turn, get 10% off at all participating restaurants, along with the chance to earn points for every dollar spent that will earn them gift cards at popular retailers like Amazon, Target. and Walmart. In fact, the average Foodie cardholder will get money back on their membership within the first two months of use.

“We value people from all walks of life,” Katz says. “Whether you’re looking for breakfast, dinner, smoothies, or a bowl of acai, we can help save you money.

And what is there for restaurants? Katz reports that over 80% of members use the directory to find out where they want to eat when looking for a bite to eat. Foodie Card does not charge restaurant fees, so the only cost to restaurants is the 10% discount they offer their customers. Long Island foodies will frequent these establishments more often and benefit from free advertising on the web and social networks.

Meanwhile, business owners will only pay a small price if they have a paying customer in front of them. And these customers may be more inclined to order desserts or cocktails once they know they’re getting a good deal. “We have a very high retention rate with restaurants,” Katz explains. “The Foodie Card is easy for them to manage.

While Foodie Card has branched out into city neighborhoods and plans to expand into Westchester and Fairfield counties, Long Island remains its largest member base. Local epicureans can choose from over 1,100 mouthwatering cafes, bars and pizzerias. During the pandemic, Foodie Card also began offering delivery options with a 10% discount to members.

From this year, Foodie Card is launching its famous services among establishments in the East End. “We are delighted that the Hamptons are part of our cause-based mission,” Katz says. “The end of pandemic restrictions means people will be free from their homes and eat good meals with friends and family. “

Fans of local comfort food will appreciate Foodie Card options like MTK Lobster House and Southampton Publick House. And wine connoisseurs will be happy to save money at wineries like Pindar and Osprey’s Dominion.

The Foodie Card is a secret shared by the biggest food lovers of Long Island. And stepping into the club means members can lick their tasty fingers knowing they are giving a helping hand to those in need.

To learn more about the Foodie Card, visit foodiecard.com.

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