A fan-favorite Spider-Man costume is making an incredible comeback

Starting out as a gift from a friend, Peter Parker returns to a fan-favorite costume seen in the comics and video games while training.

Spider-Man has had many costumes over his 60 years of comics and adaptations, but now he’s returning to a fan favorite.

After Peter Parker spent time in a coma due to injuries he sustained in an explosion, with the added band-aid of being hit in the head by Captain America’s shield as he attempted to return to his superheroes, Peter trains to become the Spider-Man he was once again. In preview for The Amazing Spider-Man #87 by writer Zeb Wells and artist Carlos Gómez, Cap and Felicia Hardy aka the Black Cat help the wall crawler recover, but their help comes with a caveat: he cannot wear his usual cobwebs until he collects them. This prompts Peter to take up the identity of the Bombastic Bag-Man!

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The Bombastic Bag-Man is the name of a costume that first appeared in Marvel Comics in The Amazing Spider-Man #258, consisting of an alternate Fantastic Four costume and a paper bag to cover Peter’s face. Spider-Man needed the outfit after Reed Richards and Johnny Storm helped him remove the black symbiote suit, his abandonment being what caused the symbiote to hate Peter and eventually bond with Eddie Brock to become the sworn enemy of Spider-Man Venom. While Peter only briefly returned to the Bombastic Bag-Man persona on occasion in the comics, he became a fan favorite who equipped him with the web head while playing games like Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, Spider-Man: End of Time and more recently Marvel’s Spiderman.

Speaking of Venom, Peter seems to have a long way to go with the roster, as Felicia compares him to the new King in Black in the preview claiming his web swing now lacks both “style” and ” finesse”. Felicia helps Peter so he can be Spider-Man again and take the title back from Ben Reilly, which she promised Reilly she would see in The Death of Doctor Strange: Spider-Man #1. Moreover, Felicia has already shown that she will do anything to help her loved ones, given that Giant Black Cat: Infinite Score saw her trick three Infinity Stone wielders into curing her mother’s cancer.

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Although the Fantastic Four part is absent, it looks like the Bombastic Bag-Man will be swinging around New York until Peter gets Felicia and Cap’s approval. Then comes Peter and Ben’s fight for the right to be Spider-Man in March, which will be the series’ last issue until its relaunch the following month. The preview and solicitation of The Amazing Spider-Man #87 can be found below.

Black Cat and Captain America stand side by side holding the Spider-Man costume.


  • Cover by ARTHUR ADAMS • Variant Cover by CORY SMITH
  • With NYC reeling from Doc Ock’s attack, Captain America and Black Cat need to know something…
  • …if Ben Reilly is really down, is Peter Parker able to step in and be Spider-Man again?
  • You may think you know where this story is going, but you don’t.
  • 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

A summary evokes the events of

Black Cat and Captain America begin retraining Peter to be a better Spider-Man.

Black Cat refuses to give Peter the Spider-Man suit until he is better.

Peter Parker swings alongside Felicia Hardy with a paper bag over his head.

As Felicia swings with ease, Peter crashes into a restaurant table.

The Amazing Spider-Man #87 is written by Wells with art by Gómez, color by Bryan Valenza, and lettering by VC’s Joe Caramagna. The main cover was done by Arthur Adams and Alejandro Sánchez, with a variant cover by Cory Smith and Morry Hollowell. The issue goes on sale Jan. 26 from Marvel Comics.

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Source: Marvel Comics

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