A Spider-Verse Hero Holds Spider-Man’s Most Lucrative Power

Cindy Moon is already following in the footsteps of Peter Parker as a superhero and a journalist, and now she’s about to find out just how well those two careers go together.

WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for Silk #1, available now from Marvel.

Almost a decade ago, Cindy Moon, aka Silk, burst onto the scene. She immediately staked her territory as one of the most intriguing spider-themed heroes in the Marvel Universe. Much of its appeal stemmed from its proximity to Peter Parker’s origins and, yet, the different path they gave him.

For example, she shares many of the same powers acquired by the same spider that bit Parker. His powers led him to become the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. She is made to live in a bunker for years. Likewise, Silk found herself working alongside Peter’s more irritable former colleagues. Thankfully, Cindy’s relationship with J. Jonah Jameson is far friendlier than anything he’s ever shared with Parker.

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Silk #1 (by VC’s Emily Kim, Takeshi Miyazawa, Ian Herring, and Ariana Maher) finds the titular hero in his element, stopping an armed bank robbery in broad daylight. His web antics quickly quell the menace, but not before a local vlogger captures the action as up close and personal as possible. While none of this is particularly explosive, J. Jonah Jameson’s reaction the next day certainly is. It turns out that Silk has become the latest trending topic on social media, and everyone but Jameson’s Threats & Menaces has the inside scoop. Helping Triple J solve this problem would be too easy for Cindy Moon to solve independently, a variation of her fellow Spider’s move.

It was early in Peter Parker’s superhero career that he discovered how to put his photographic prowess to good use. After facing the Vulture in 1963 amazing spider man #2 by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, Peter’s bad luck turned the tide by selling photos of his exploits to J. Jonah Jameson. Despite Jonah’s ongoing smear campaign against the wall-crawler, he couldn’t have asked for a better photographer to join his team.

Assuming Silk follows in Parker’s footsteps, she’ll likely have an even easier time. For one thing, as a writer, she doesn’t have to go as far as Peter to take pictures. On the other hand, she is already at the door. Parker had to come in cold to sell his pictures with no previous dealings with Jamesone or the Bugle. Cindy has been working alongside the owner-editor for weeks.

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On top of that, as stated earlier, she has a much better working relationship with Flattop. While Jonah has always been at least somewhat antagonistic towards Peter Parker, his attitude towards Cindy has been far more forgiving, if not downright friendly at times. There is more mutual respect between Jameson and Cindy. Improbably, this also goes for his relationship with his alter-ego. Jonah even went so far as to make Silk part of his personal security.

It could also prove a mutually beneficial relationship. Cindy Moon delivering scoops on her alter ego could very well make Threats & Menaces the go-to place for Silk-watching. That kind of high attention in a section would usually get all of JJJ’s media going.

This does not mean that it is devoid of risk. It would also likely put increased pressure on the Moon. This, in turn, could make leading a double life even more complicated. For a woman who has spent years hiding from the world, the temptation to regress would be enormous. Here’s hoping whatever she decides to do next won’t be more of a hindrance than a help for the Spider-Verse hero.

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