A Spookier Pivot Than Wilson Fisk Could Give Spider-Man His Own Revival

Spider-Man’s entire history has been defined by his bad luck status and the determination it takes to overcome the challenges the world throws at him. That hasn’t stopped many villains from trying to break it down over the years, with one classic villain promising to target Spider-Man with everything he’s got.

amazing spider man #1 (VC’s Zeb Wells, John Romita Jr, Scott Hanna, Marcio Menyz, and Joe Caramagna) Could Set the Stage for Spider-Man born again, while elevating Tombstone to the level of Kingpin.

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amazing spider man reintroduced audiences to Peter Parker at a particularly low point in his life. An unknown Crisis event six months before the present left Spider-Man in a stark state. Mary Jane left him (and apparently started a family with another man), the Fantastic Four are angry with him, and even May Parker lacks patience with him. Peter doesn’t even respond to chaos with his typical witty attitude and instead lashes out at his loved ones and gives off the vibe of a broken man. The only time Peter really seemed to be in his element was when he was in costume, ruining Tombstone’s plans with the Rose and sparking a gang war between the two.

Afterwards, a furious Tombstone confronted Peter Parker. Assuming the two are friends, Tombstone gave Spider-Man a warning through Peter, promising to bring down the hero for interfering with his plans. It also seems to go beyond just trying to kill the hero. Tombstone promised to make Spider-Man his “project”, destroying everything in his life. Peter, seemingly pushed to the limit of sanity, accepted the challenge and subtly told Tombstone to throw whatever he could at the Wall-Crawler. This isn’t necessarily a healthy time for Spider-Man and could be the precursor to an intense showdown between the two.

The Marvel Universe is in a different place than it was before, thanks to the events of reign of the devil pushing Wilson Fisk out of power. This creates a bigger void for Tombstone to take on the kind of role the Kingpin had in the city. It could even be extended to a born again-type story with Spider-Man. Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli’s famous story saw the Kingpin finally embark on a vicious crusade against Daredevil, stripping the pieces of his life as Daredevil was at an emotional low point with his supporting cast.

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Spider-Man appears to be in a similar place with his own friends and family, which means such an attack would likely do some real damage to the crawler. To make matters worse, Peter’s close friend Randy Robinson plans to offer Tombstone’s daughter – potentially putting a bullseye on her if the villain finds out about her technical connection to Spider-Man.

It’s a solid concept for a Tombstone-centric story, potentially pushing the mid-level villain into the sort of role he held in the Spectacular Spider-Man animated series. There, he became an effective crime lord and one of Spider-Man’s most dangerous enemies. Now that Spider-Man is alone in his life and still reeling from the explosive events of the past few years, a plan like this could strip Spider-Man of his heart and push him to the brink.

It could force the hero to stand up and resist the world. But it’s unclear how dangerous things could get for Peter and his loved ones, even if they aren’t immediately caught up in the conflict. Tombstone is a far less psychological or demonic villain than those who have recently tried to beat him, but he is a truly ruthless and brilliant villain when he wants to be. Focusing on the dangers a street-level mastermind like Tombstone can present, this could easily become the Web-Swinger. born again moment.

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