Amazon’s Blink unveils no-frills $ 50 video doorbell



Amazon’s Blink has developed a reputation for low-cost security cameras, and that now extends to your front door. The brand unveiled a Blink video doorbell which, at $ 50, could be a solid option if you’re not interested in some of the frills available from Ring and competing brands. It only captures “only” 1080p video, but it does support Alexa integration (of course), your choice of wired or wireless connections, and the ability to store images on a USB drive (when connected to a synchronization module 2) if you don’t. want a subscription for cloud storage.

Two AA batteries will allow the doorbell to operate for up to two years, albeit with a wired connection. Blink didn’t say how long the video doorbell would last over a wireless link, but it’s safe to assume you’ll swap cells more often. The material is available for pre-order today.

Blinking / Amazon

Blink is simultaneously expanding its accessories for outdoor cameras. The Amazon badge introduced a 40 $ Floodlight Camera Mount (shown in the middle) that pairs with the Blink Outdoor Camera to bathe your garden with 700 lumens of LED light whenever there’s movement. There is also a Solar power support which gives the outdoor camera a “non-stop” charge. Blink didn’t mention separate pricing for the solar mount, but you can buy it as part of a $ 130 package with the outdoor camera. A $ 140 package combines the Outdoor with the Floodlight Camera accessory.

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