An evil Spider-Man? This is what Tom Holland would like to play

No Way Home star Tom Holland has said he would be interested in exploring darker storylines with Spider-Man becoming an antihero or even a villain.

Tom Holland would love to explore the villainous side of Peter Parker in the wake of Spider-Man: No Path Home.

While promoting the upcoming film, the star revealed that he wants to see Spider-Man in a much darker light. Speaking to Fandom, Holland admitted that he would be interested in knowing what happens when Peter stops being his typical Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man. “I also might like to see what happens if my Spider-Man becomes a villain,†Holland explained, adding, “I think there are some interesting things where you could do a movie about an anti- hero, or things like that. “

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Previously, the dark side of Peter had been explored when filming actor Tobey Maguire on the web slinger in Spider-man 3, who saw the Venom symbiote corrupt Spider-Man, causing him to engage in self-destructive habits. It ranged from a number of cruel exploits including attempting to murder Sandman, mutilating his best friend (Harry Osborn) and injuring his true love, Mary Jane, which led him to definitely abandon the black suit. With Maguire and The Amazing Spider-ManAndrew Garfield reportedly reprized his roles in No way home, fans can see callbacks to the darkness the two experienced while interacting with Holland’s Wall Crawler.

Holland mentioned that No way home will be darker than previous films, for a direction fans have already seen. The actor claims that Spider-Man will adopt a violent fighting style to escape his new enemies in the film. “There are fight scenes in this movie that are very violent,†Holland explained, adding, “And it’s a different fighting style than what we’ve seen before. But you’ll really see Spider-Man using his fists in a “fight or flight.†These comments suggest that Holland’s wall-crawler may already be adopting more threatening tendencies for the next film.

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While it’s not clear just how different Holland’s Spider-Man will become and behave in No way home, there are signs that he is heading for a world of turmoil. The film will feature the return of several Sony villains Spider Man and The Incredible Spider-Man series. Green Goblin by Willem Dafoe, Doctor Octopus by Alfred Molina, Sandman by Thomas Haden Church, Lizard by Rhys Ifans and Electro by Jamie Foxx are all confirmed.

Their inclusion has led many fans to speculate that No way home will also add Tom Hardy’s Venom to recreate the villainous comic set, the Sinister Six. A post-credit scene for Venom: let there be carnage showcased Venom’s entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, showing Parker from Holland. Given that the Venom symbiote is a direct link for Parker to break badly and act more brutally in the comics, the teased collision between the two could give Holland his desire for a Spider-Man villain.

Spider-Man: No Path Home hits theaters on December 17th.

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