Apple @ Work: For businesses that use Macs, consider 1Password or LastPass as an enterprise-grade password management solution

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I don’t know when password management services transitioned from a prosumer concept to enterprise tools, but I’m glad it happened. For years, IT departments have required users to use complex passwords that don’t repeat themselves. However, these tips are not accompanied by solutions to help people deal with them properly. Today, tools that were once aimed at consumers now have strong enterprise offerings. For IT departments looking to ensure password security, both 1Password and Last pass have strong solutions.

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Both of these apps help users create, manage, and use complex passwords at a high level. The idea of ​​creating a very strong great password unlocking the rest of your passwords is much easier than trying to memorize hundreds of accounts. As the world moved away from Active Directory to everything, password management is a problem. I have personally used 1Password since the company launched the product. I also switched to the Families plan as soon as it was launched. I had a solution personally, and I now also use the business plan.

For years, it was difficult for non-prosumer users to manage their passwords. Some people would use Chrome’s built-in sync tool, while others would use Safari. Although these solutions are acceptable for home use, they are certainly not suitable for large enterprise users. 1Password and LastPass now offer solutions for everyone, from individuals to large corporations. Features such as single sign-on integration, data encryption, account recovery, multi-factor authentication management, audit trails, and password sharing solve problems with one or the other platform.

1Password also develops impressive developer tools. In the upcoming 1Password 8, the service/application integrates the management of passwords, SSH keys and infrastructure secrets.

Using 1Password’s CLI functionality and dynamically injecting secrets from 1Password at runtime without manual intervention. While it might not be something all 1Password users will use, it certainly shows that they are looking for complex business needs.

Conclusion: cross-platform support makes it easy to use

Employees work on macOS, iOS, and iPadOS, so having native robust apps for each platform with effortless background syncing is a game-changer for security. As I mentioned before, IT people have long chastised users for weak passwords that are then reused across departments.

Unfortunately, as Apple and Google have pushed companies away from anything related to the Active Directory model, they haven’t implemented robust password management. They didn’t implement anything because there were no good solutions on the market. Now that both 1Password and Lastpass offer enterprise-class solutions with consumer-level ease of use, this is something every business using Apple products should consider. Yes, Safari Keychain is good, but it’s not enterprise level password management.

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