Brave Search Goggles: boost your favorite sites, downgrade or delete others

Brave launched a beta version of Brave Search 12 months ago. The search engine is now out of beta and the default search engine for Brave Browser in several regions.

Goggles is a new beta feature in Brave Search, which can be used to customize the search engine’s default results list.

Glasses are simple, self-contained text files that can be hosted in Github or
Gitlab. These files contain instructions that allow you to tell Brave Search how
you want your results to be ranked. You can target specific URL patterns
(and, soon, website titles and other aspects of web pages) and how
their ranking must be modified (for example, boosted, downgraded or completely
eliminated from the results).

Goggles, which is currently in beta, allows anyone to create private or public instructions. The beta launched with eight public customization options, which users can select directly from Brave Search or launch directly through specific search URLs.

Here is the list of available glasses:

  • Tech Blogs – Gives several tech blogs a boost in search results.
  • Hacker News / 1k short — domains popular with the Hacker News community are boosted.
  • Not Pinterest — removes Pinterest from search results.
  • Left Sources / Right Sources – boosts left or right sources in the search.
  • Rust Programming – reclassifies output to boost Rust-related content.
  • Remove copiers — remove copied content from search.
  • 1k short – removes results from top 1K websites.

Glasses can be charged directly. The No Pinterest mask has this URL: 202022%20reviews&nav=site

Brave Search highlights results affected by the use of a mask.

brave search glasses results

Glasses allow anyone to edit Brave Search’s default search result listings. Basic features supported by Goggle, including improving or downgrading sites and completely deleting sites. Goggles supports syntax to apply changes to sites or templates. Soon, Brave will extend the syntax to support website titles and other aspects of websites.

Most Brave Search users will likely rely on public glasses that they can use right away. Some may create their own custom search engine instructions that remove certain sites from the results, downgrade or remove others. Glasses can be hosted on GitHub or Gitlab. Getting started instructions are available here.

Closing words

Glasses allow users to control search results. The syntax is not complex, and free hosting sites are used to host the instructions and pass them to the Brave search engine. Most users may not create their own glasses, but public glasses may become popular with Brave Search users.

Browser extensions, such as , have been around for a long time to block sites from search engines. Kagi, a commercial search engine, also supports changing the visibility of individual sites.

Brave Search recently launched Discussions, which adds content from sites like Reddit to search results.

Now you: Which sites would you boost, downgrade or drop in search results?


Brave Search Goggles: boost your favorite sites, downgrade or remove others

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Brave Search Goggles: boost your favorite sites, downgrade or remove others

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Brave Search Goggles is a new feature that allows anyone to customize the search engine‘s default search results.


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