Brave Search offers left and right search filters

The Brave Browser search engine can now filter your search results based on your political leanings.

On Wednesday, the Brave Software company introduced(Opens in a new window) a beta feature called “Goggles”, which offers custom search filters to reorder your search results.

“This means that instead of a single ranking, Brave search(Opens in a new window) can offer an almost unlimited number of ranking options, enabling search use cases that might be too specific for a general-purpose search engine,” the company wrote in a blog post.

The feature appears as a tab in the search results.

Brave Software hopes users will create and share their own custom filters for the feature. But at launch, Goggles already comes with two predefined filters, which have been designed to re-order search results to favor left-leaning or right-leaning sources.

The so-called “left” and “right” filters were developed by the team at all sides(Opens in a new window), a site that provides information from a range of media sources. The left filter has been programmed to elevate sources such as CNN, HuffPost, and The New York Times, while the right filter will boost results from Fox News, Breitbart, and The Washington Examiner. The same filters will also source posts from related forums on Reddit.

The different results you will see

The different results you can see depending on the filter.

The encoding of the right filter

The coding for both filters is also public and hosted on GitHub.

Additionally, the Goggles feature comes with other presets that can focus on showcasing content from “tech blogs” or filter results to remove Pinterest pages and copied content. But Brave has simply released these presets as demos, which it plans to phase out over time.

Regarding AllSides’ Left and Right Filters, Brave Software said it was “not affiliated with any of Goggles’ independent creators.”

Brave Software created Goggles to give users the ability to “counter any inherent bias in the algorithm” for its search engine. “Goggles can work pretty much the same for any topic, any media, any website. With Goggles, users can search without Big Tech bias – they can perform limitless searches,” the company’s blog added.

The Google Goggles feature is accessible via a tab on the search results page. You can then click on one of the filters to see the reclassified results. Users can also create(Opens in a new window) their own glasses, but they will have to know a few programming skills(Opens in a new window).

Courageous growth

The company launched the Goggles feature as it sees meteoric growth for the Brave search engine, which launched in beta a year ago as a privacy-preserving alternative to Google. Since then, Brave Search has seen a steady increase in search queries on a monthly basis.

“While we will never stop improving, in many areas Brave Search already has a level of quality that rivals other established search engines such as Google and Bing,” the company added. “Thanks to this quality, growth, new features, and continued increase in global independence scores, we are happy to announce that we are removing the ‘beta’ tag from Brave Search.”

Last October, Brave Search also became the default search engine for Brave Browser itself. In addition to the browser, the search engine is accessible at the address in a new window).

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