Brave’s privacy-focused search engine is in public beta



Brave, a courageous privacy-focused browser maker, launched a new Public Global Beta search engine on Tuesday (via TechCrunch). Courageous search, like a corporate browser is intended to be a private and transparent alternative to Google services that does not turn users into targets for carefully watched advertising. It also doesn’t depend on Google results. BraveSearch works with its own web index.

It is a bit important to use a completely different index. Google clearly dominates the space (until it becomes its own verb) and even other popular privacy-focused searches. own web crawlers. Brave claims that search engines use their own results by default, but get responses from other providers for certain types of searches that don’t produce sufficiently relevant (or sufficient) results. Is clarified. ..

Brave search in the Brave browser. Pay attention to the lateral independence metric.
Image: brave

To measure the number of results Brave shows you are truly “independent,” the company said. After sufficient research, Brave can calculate the individual “result independence” percentage and display the overall result independence percentage for all Brave Search users. It’s not the most useful indicator, but Brave sees it as a sort of promise to become more and more independent over time.

In addition to being direct about the results, Brave argues that it does not track or profile users and does not use “secret methods or algorithms to bias the results.” glasses â€, I would like to use it instead of the Google algorithm. This model allows users to:

Create a set of rules and filters… Defines the space in which search engines can get results. Instead of a single ranking algorithm, you can overcome the bias that a single actor (search engine) builds into your results and have as many as you need.

Brave plans to make the search engine the default engine for browsers later this year. The engine will continue to be free, ad-supported versions are in development, and premium ad-free options will appear in the future.

Brave Search beta is now available in Brave desktop, Android and iOS browsers. ..

Brave’s privacy-focused search engine is in public beta

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