Call for registration in the annual directory of campaign agencies. – Middle East campaign

Campaign ME is pleased to announce the 5e annual editions of the Adtech & Digital Agency Directory on January 31e 2022 & Directory of multimedia and creative agencies on February 28e 2022.

Here are the digital numbers from last year of the campaign. Digital / Adtech Directory 2021 & Media / Creations Directory 2021 for reference.

Here are some quick pointers on the Guide to digital agency and advertising technology 2022:

This annual issue, which will appear on 31st Jan 2022

Digital agencies are a vital link between technology and marketing, providing a wide range of services that cut across all aspects of the communications ecosystem. Digital expertise has never been more important to clients and our Guide shows which agencies are available in the region and their services. So if you’re an agency with digital services ranging from content creation, digital / programmatic buying, social media management, app building, or anything in between, we want to hear from you.

Advertising technology is disrupting many old marketing practices and providing clients and agencies with new and improved tools to reach their consumers. For this reason, there is a huge demand for an advertising technical guide giving a detailed overview of suppliers in this region. If you’re part of a company offering crucial advertising technology that enables agencies and marketers to thrive in the digital, modern age of marketing, we want to hear more about you, too.

Here are some quick pointers on the Creative agency and media guide 2022:

This annual which would be published on 28e Feb 2022

Creative and Media Agency Guide 2020 examines all creative and media agencies in the UAE and the wider Middle East. The guide will be an essential reference for brands / marketers in the region, helping with pitches, competition reviews and campaign planning.

Divided into two parts, creative and media, the guide will list essential information on agencies in the region, from independent hot shops to network giants.

All agency listings would also be published in Campaign’s online directory, where each agency would have its own page on the Campaign website, which can be regularly updated with the latest news, work and details from the campaign. agency. All agencies and vendors will benefit, as brands and marketers can now search the online directory for new agencies throughout the year based on their needs, then contact you to access the latest. news and information available on your page in the directory and therefore would be help generate new leads and business. The online directory is grouped with our annual printed directories in the partnership options below:

Option 1: Free advertisement.

This option gives your basic contact details in the Guide. This ad is free, please send us your ad in the format below depending on the type of your agency:

Information on the list of digital agencies: Name of the agency, Year of creation, Company manager, Bio of the agency (50 words max), Key clients, Email & Services offered (5 max).

Ad Technology Agency List Information: Company name, Year of creation, Headquarters, Company bio (50 words max), Key clients, Email, Services / Solutions offered (5 max) and MENA partners.

Information on the list of creative agencies: Name of the agency, Year of creation, Company manager, Bio of the agency (50 words max), Key clients, Email & Services offered (5 max).

Information on the list of multimedia agencies: Name of the agency, Year of creation, Company manager, Bio of the agency (50 words max), Key clients, Email & Services offered (5 max).

You can increase your brand awareness with more space because there would be at least 8/10 free agency ads on each page. If you prefer greater exposure / exclusivity, please find additional options below which include logo, contact details, direction board, interview, online directory, advertisements and event sponsorship.

Option 2: Half-page list in each directory:

This option would include all of the above free listing information in a half-page format with: company logo, management board (photos and designations of up to 4 senior executives), website, contact numbers Local Phone, Social Media Handles, Technology Partners, Won Awards, Key Customers & Additional Services + Annual Membership Online Directory.

Option 3: Full page list in each directory:

This option would include a half-page ad with all of the information detailed above + either half-page content / CEO interview or a half-page ad + Online Directory annual subscription. The interview / content would also be posted on the campaign website and shared on the campaign’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram pages with your social identifiers for increased visibility.

Option 4: Double Page Spread – FP Announcement in front of a FP Announcement / Case study in each directory:

This double page spread option is the maximum impact option which includes a full page branding ad or case study opposite the full page listing above.

Option 5: Sponsorship of the digital breakfast / Adtech of the 2022 online information campaign / event.

This option includes a speaker, branding and networking opportunity at the Adtech Breakfast / Campaign 2022 online information event at the end of January. You can find details of last year’s event here.

For more details on the cost of the above options or for any other questions, please contact Campaign Editor Nadeem Quraishi at [email protected] or call +97150 6453365.

the deadline to confirm your partnership with the above options is 18e Jan 2022.


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