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10 years ago, if your business didn’t have a website, it was like it didn’t exist. Now, just having a website is not enough, that website has to be optimized. The ever-changing will of search engine optimization is the process of improving your web traffic and your search engine visibility. Are you wondering how to compete with the big brands without breaking the bank? MOGUES of the city is in partnership with SEO Specialist Iman Bashir on an Exciting New Workshop: Ten Effective Ways to Improve Google Rankings Using AI.

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Free for all, this virtual event will take place on Wednesday, November 17, 2021 of 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. EST. You will learn advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies and touch on some of the fruits at your fingertips that will make an impact today. SEO specialist, Iman Bashir will navigate through concepts with real-life examples, interactive exercises and data-driven tips that can help just about anyone

This event will cover:

  • How to start? Configure your online presence with on-page SEO
  • Competitive analysis of your industry
  • The essential tools to follow and execute your personalized SEO strategy
  • How to Avoid SEO Scams, Traps, and Killers
  • How to write and rank pages and posts that convert, grow your community with engaging content, and leverage AI to scale up your content efforts
  • Discover growth hacking: turn offline efforts into opportunities for link building and growth

Directed by Iman Bashir, SEO expert and founder of Craftly.AI – AI-powered writing Assistant who focuses on meddling in the worlds of AI and SEO, what matters, revenue. Leveraging the latest AI technologies combined with an organic search strategy, Iman designs innovative technology solutions and digital marketing strategies that help users find a way to think beyond the ordinary.

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