Cummins&Partners hires rapper NARDEAN for new work for travel search engine KAYAK

KAYAK, the leading travel search engine, launched its ‘Now You’re Travelling’ brand platform in Australia via Cummins&Partners, inspiring people to travel their way with searches for flights, hotels, car rentals and useful travel tools at your fingertips.

The launch comes at an opportune time, with borders reopening and 70% of Australians keen to travel post-pandemic. Positioning itself against the functional conventions of the category, “Now You’re Travelling” instead seeks to capture the excitement of the discovery phase of travel – the moment when your imagination starts to work.

To bring KAYAK’s attitude to life, there was no one better than Australian contemporary hip-hop artist NARDEAN. Born into an Egyptian family and raised in a culture that couldn’t stand the idea of ​​a woman becoming a musician, the rapper-singer-poet who did it her way was the perfect frontwoman for a brand that inspires travelers to do it their own way too

Nicola Carmichael, Brand Director at KAYAK, said: “Our mission is to make it easier for anyone to experience the world through travel, and we’re excited to provide Australians with the travel tools and tips to help them plan their trips as they please. Through this innovative campaign, we hope to empower Australians to travel as they please this holiday season. »

Sophie Lander, Managing Director of Cummins&Partners, added, “We are thrilled to kick off the partnership between KAYAK and Cummins&Partners in such an epic fashion. Incredible creative work, built on a solid foundation of research and ideas from the KAYAK team. We have truly entered the minds and hearts of travelers, and we hope this place inspires everyone to book their next vacation soon – and look forward to it!”

KAYAK’s “Now You’re Travelling” campaign comes to life through online video, digital, outdoor signage and social media. Cummins&Partners obtained the account through a contest.



Sophie Lander – General Manager
Jeff Malone – Chief Strategy Officer Heath Collins – Creative Director
Chris Ching – Associate Creative Director

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