Cyber ​​disasters: recovery of Active Directory.



Find out how to recover and secure Active Directory against cyber attacks

Learn how to recover Active Directory quickly and efficiently while ensuring the security of the recovered environment

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Organizations are aware of the significant, if not catastrophic, impact that an Active Directory (AD) failure would have on operations, but many are not confident in their ability to recover AD quickly and most have not tested. their AD recovery plan.

As critical as AD is for businesses, businesses are struggling to manage it securely while embracing cloud computing and remote workforce. The increasing complexity of IT environments has increased the complexity of AD management, which has a direct impact on incident response.

Join this session to learn AD recovery instructions as well as specific guidelines for protecting AD from cyber attacks, including:

  • Identify exposure indicators (IoE)
  • Preparing to correct an AD attack
  • Understanding the Limits of Native AD Restore Capabilities
  • Make sure recovery after an attack does not reintroduce malware


Gil Kirkpatrick is the Chief Product Architect for Semperis, a leading provider of cyber preparedness, incident response and disaster recovery solutions for on-premises and cloud-based enterprise directory services. Kirkpatrick has been creating commercial products for enterprise IT for many years, focusing primarily on identity management and security related products. He has been named Microsoft MVP for Active Directory and Enterprise Mobility for each of the past 15 years, and is the author of Active Directory programming, as well as the founder of the Directory Experts Conference. At Semperis, Kirkpatrick creates products to prevent, detect and recover from cyber attacks on hybrid corporate identity environments and speaks on cybersecurity, identity and disaster recovery topics at IT conferences across the world.

Based in Germany, Grillenmeier was a Microsoft MVP for Directory Services for 12 years. He spent over 20 years at HP / HPE as Chief Engineer. A frequent speaker at technology conferences and a contributor to technical journals, Grillenmeier is the co-author of Microsoft Windows Security Fundamentals. He has helped various clients secure their Active Directory environments and supported their transition to Windows 10 / m365 and Azure cloud services.


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