Daily API Roundup: Audio Captcha, Affinda, Vencode, HailBytes

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Twelve APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories such as security, transcoding, and entertainment. Highlights include an API that can extract and Analyze information about invoices and resumes, an API for solving audio captchas, and an API for fun facts. Here is an overview of the latest additions.


Affida offers AI– OCR invoice extraction and CV and correspondence parser services. The Affinda APIFollow this API allows users to extract data from invoices, as well as manage resume parser functions, resume reactor functions, and resume reformat functions. This API is listed under the OCR category.

audio captcha is a service specially designed to crack audio captchas. Audio Captcha APIFollow this API can understand audio generated by “Audio Captcha” mechanisms. It will take audio data as input ( URLs or Base64 encoded), and returns the letters/numbers contained in that audio. Find this API in the Captcha category.

Vencode is a cloud video transcoding software. The Vencode APIFollow this API allows users to integrate cloud video transcoding directly into current technology Stack using the extended Vencode API and SDKs. This API is listed in the Transcoding category.

fun fact REST-APIsFollow this API can randomly select and return a fact from the FFA database. Data can be returned by text, JSON, or pictures. This API is categorized under Entertainment.

Check American Drivers APIsFollow this API returns the matching name, date of birth, and zip code from a given US driver’s license number in 37 states. The API is listed under the Verification category.

hail bytes offers security APIs and cloud infrastructure services. The company’s APIs have been added to ProgrammableWeb’s Security category and are listed below.

CORS analysis APIFollow this API helps website administrators and penetration testers check if the domains and URLs they target have insecure CORS policies. Enter a domain and the API will check for CORS configuration errors and return a report in JSON format.

Cloud Service IP Verification APIFollow this API will detect if a given IP address is associated with AWS, Azure, Oracle Cloud, Google Cloud Platformor digital ocean.

CMS identification APIFollow this API can identify the content management system used for a donation and attempt to extract relevant information such as plugins and themes used.

Subdomain analysis APIFollow this API can determine hundreds of common subdomain permutations and return metadata including IP address and status codes in JSON.

WHOIS Recovery APIFollow this API extracts detailed WHOIS information from an IPv4 or IPv6 address. This API allows you to search suspicious IP addresses. This API is ideal for security engineers and network engineers.

Certificate Transparency Analysis APIFollow this API allows users to verify certificate transparency records and return other associated domains and IP addresses in JSON format.

VicissimDet Reverse light detection APIFollow this API can allow apps to recognize if a vehicle’s reverse lights are on from a photo or video.

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