Daily API Roundup: Common Sense Media, EpisoDate, Dartfish

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Six APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories such as Entertainment, TV and Ratings. Highlights include an API for analyzing video to improve sports performance and an API for zip code information. Here is an overview of the latest additions.


common sense media provides age-based media reviews for families. The Common Sense Multimedia APIFollow this API allows developers to embed reviews of movies, games, apps, websites, TV shows, and books. Fetch reviews, videos, lists and blog posts by age, ratings, talking points, stars, themes, channels, studios, platforms, awards, release dates and many other factors through this API, which is listed in the Notes category.

EpisoDate.com is a TV show guide, watchlist and programming service for TV viewers. The EpisoDate APIFollow this API allows users to retrieve a list of the most popular TV shows, search for TV shows, retrieve details of TV shows such as start and end dates, runtime, network, country, YouTube links, images, thumbnails, rating, genre, episode names, etc. The API is listed under the TV category.

unogsNG (Netflix Next Generation Global Search) APIsFollow this API allows users to search and retrieve content on Netflix by genre, country, people, episodes, titles, images, expiring titles and more. The uNoGS Netflix API is not officially associated with Netflix. The API is listed under the Entertainment category.

Dartfish provides video analysis to detect vulnerabilities, improve performance and reduce injuries in athletics, healthcare and education. The Dartfish.tv APIFollow this API provides programmatic access to a user’s Dartfish.tv channel content, exclusive collections, specific videos, events in specific videos, and other features. The Dartfish API is listed under the Video category.

Axesso Otto Data Service APIFollow this API provides real-time data on product details, keyword search results and reviews from the German online store Otto.de. API supports JSON answers. and is listed under the Products category.

Postal code Metadapi APIsFollow this API provides United States zip code data in JSON format. The API allows developers to validate zip codes and perform city searches, distance calculations, as well as radius searches and many other key functions in apps. This API is listed in the Postal Codes category.

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