Daily API Roundup: Healthcare Locator, CFL, Venly NFT, OnTask

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Six APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including blockchain, Health and Electronic Signature. Highlights include the new OnTask API for workflow automation and two NFT Related APIs. Here is an overview of the latest additions.


In task is a workflow automation and electronic signature tool with an APIFollow this API for The integration. Developers can manage document workflows, models, and instances with Accusoft’s REST API. The eSignature service is HIPAA, FERPA, AICPA SOC compliant. It is listed in the Electronic Signature category.

Canadian Football League (CFL) offers an APIFollow this API for league data. Retrieve data on individual games, seasons, players, player stats, managers, team leaders, standings, teams, game by game, transactions, etc. with this API. The data dates back to 2004 and is implemented with JSON API specification. Find this API in the Sports category.

Venly NFT allows users to create their own NFT (non-fungible token) marketplaces. The Venly NFT APIFollow this API provides access to the service, with methods to manage contracts, patterns, NFT minting and NFT retrieval, as well as scans by address, contracts or other information. Find this API in the Blockchain category.

Hokusai offers “NFT Infrastructure for the Internet” with services to manage royalties, contracts, sending and issuing through a single API. The Hokusai APIFollow this API is open source with methods to mint, transfer and set royalties for NFTs (non-fungible tokens). This API can also be found in the Blockchain category.

IQVIA Healthcare Locator The API offers daily updates of real-time health data, including records from 21.5 million healthcare providers (HCPs) and 2.5 million healthcare organizations (HCOs). ) in the world. The API is available indirectly through JavaScript, Android and iOS and allows developers to query HCP and HCO data by location, individual, workplace, codes, activities and more. Find this API in the Health category.

Control technologies provides connected open data APIs for data teams. Regulation Technologies Business House Meeting APIFollow this API offers methods for retrieving business data, including 14 million businesses, 45 million business executives, 20,000 daily updates, and over 100 million logins. Find this API in the B2B category.

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