Daily API Roundup: Marvel Quotes, Tin-Check, Figure, AvatarAPI

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Six APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories such as Internet Entertainment, Health and Tax. Highlights include an API for tax ID information and an API diagnosing patients using AI intelligence, tests and symptoms. Here is an overview of the latest additions.


Trade in numbers is a software designed by Offset Partners to advance the wine business, offering branded buying journeys, allocations and club memberships, point of sale, email marketing The integration, and other features. The Figure Commerce and Figure APIFollow this API allows developers to interact with Figure wine e-commerce Platform and manage sales, customers, shopping carts, inventory, clients, payments, reports and more. It is listed under the Wine category.

Tin Check is a service that allows the validation of tax identification numbers (TIN) of companies and individuals for more than 100 countries in the world. The TIN Verification APIFollow this API provides three types of services: Tin-Check, EU VAT-Check and Tin-Lookup. The EU VAT-Check service verifies whether a company is successfully registered to carry out EU transactions with VAT exemption with other companies in EU countries. The Tin Lookup service returns name, address, zip code, status, city, email, phone, and other information. This API is listed in the Taxes category.

SmrtX Diagnostics APIFollow this API provides programmatic access to DDxHub diagnostic system for preliminary medical diagnosis of patient via smart symptom checker and lab test analyzer. Developers can use it to create and improve medical diagnostic applications. The service uses captured patient health data (such as blood test results and symptoms) and an AI algorithm to analyze the data and provide users with a list of likely health conditions. Find this API in the Health category.

Random Marvel Quotes is a simple APIFollow this API which returns a random famous quote from a Marvel movie or TV show. Find this API in the Entertainment category.

AvatarAPI The Email Address Verification API is a free API that lets you verify email addresses. The service can determine which of the two email addresses is valid, for example [email protected] and [email protected]. The API does not require registration and email addresses passed to the API are not stored. It is listed under the Email category.

FriendlyRobot Nickname APIFollow this API provides existing chat bots with customization capabilities. After each call, the API transforms the names into nicknames. American nicknames, European nicknames and diminutives are included. The Nickname API responds in JSON format, and version 2 is available now. This API is listed in the Names category.

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