Daily API Roundup: Octopus Energy, Ring Captcha, TradingHours

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Six APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories such as astronomy, stocks and energy. Highlights include an API for creating multiple types of custom QR codes and an API for creating data visualization charts. Here is an overview of the latest additions.


LinQR APIsFollow this API allows users to generate personalized and visually appealing QR codes. Varieties include text, email, WiFi, contacts, cryptocurrency payment, phone, SMS, geolocation, and arbitrary type of QR codes. This service is scalable so users can generate hundreds of thousands of QR codes. Find this API in the QR Codes category.

graphics factory APIsFollow this API allows users to create and embed a graphic image into websites or applications with a single API call. Users can also send graphics via email and other platforms. Create bar, horizontal bar, line, area, donut, funnel, and pyramid charts with this API, listed in the Charts category.

Octopus Energy Group is a renewable energy group specializing in sustainable energy based in Great Britain. The Octopus Energy APIFollow this API provides developers with programmatic access to interact with the Platform. API methods are available to manage energy products, electricity meter points, consumption, industry and quotes. This API is filed under Energy.

TradingHours.com offers trading hours and holidays data for 923 markets and trading venues in 103 countries. The Trading Hours APIFollow this API allows users to search and retrieve market data such as market name, MIC, product or security group description, acronyms, trading location details, time zones, holidays market, foreign currency holidays, regional and religious holidays, etc. This API is listed under the Actions category.

RocketLaunch.Live tracks and lists orbital rocket launches and launch data. The RocketLaunch.Live APIFollow this API gives developers programmatic access to data, including historical data. API methods are available for launch and company data, including launch name, vehicle, mission, pad, description, launch window, time T, weather information, media , results and more. Find this API in the Astronomy category.

Ring Captcha offers onboarding and engagement via phone identity to app developers. Ring Captcha APIFollow this API allows apps to generate and send a PIN code, clean up the phone number, limit requests so as not to overload the phone, detect if it is a genuine transaction and intelligently route the PIN code to phone number. Find this API in the Identity category.

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