Daily API Summary: Ayrshare, Cowbell Cyber, Delta Cargo


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Seven APIs have been added to the Programmable web directory in categories such as air travel, social services and insurance. Highlights include Cowbell Cyber ​​APIs for programmatic access to cyber breach insurance Platform and the Ayrshare API or the automation of social sharing. Here’s a look at the latest additions.


Ayrshare provides social media sharing services. The Ayrshare APIFollow this API allows developers to schedule posts to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, Google My Business, TikTok, and Telegram with an automatic hashtag and also retrieve analytics. Also automate the posting of comments RSS Food, retrieve history, retrieve posts, shorten urls, manage users and more with this API, which is listed under Social in the Programmable web API Directory.

Cyber ​​cow bell is a AI-Insurance platform optimized to guard against cyber breaches. The service enables clients to increase insurability, gain a comprehensive view of risk exposure and take control of loss mitigation. Cyber ​​Cowbell APIFollow this API provides programmatic access with methods to manage accounts, quotes, policies, agencies, users and more. This API is listed under the Insurance category.

Delta Cargo is the air cargo division of Delta Airlines. The Delta Cargo APIFollow this API enables developers to programmatically access freight services, with methods to manage reservations, fare and flight purchases, and door-to-door shipping. It is listed in the Air Travel category.

National Cancer Institute (NCI) Genomic Data Commons API (GDC)Follow this API offers genomic cancer data from several databases. The API allows users to query data by number of records, mutations, genetic identifiers, annotations, diagnoses, projects, family history and hundreds of other filters via GraphQL format. This API is listed under the Medicine category.

Finnworlds Analyst Rating APIFollow this API includes current and historical analyst buy, hold and sell ratings. As well as details about the analyst such as company, success rate, and return rate. It can also be used to get price data and price consensus from analysts. This API is listed in the Actions category.

PDF.Co PDF to XML APIFollow this API convert PDF to XML format. Developers can use a API key to authenticate, send GET requests and receive JSON responses back. A PDF to JSON APIFollow this API is also available.

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