Daily API Summary: Tuya, Schedaero, Allfeeds AI, Diggernaut



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Six APIs have been added to the Programmable web directory in categories such as podcasts, internet of things and data mining. Highlights include an API for querying podcasts and podcast data and an API for Tuya IoT automation. Here’s a look at the latest additions.


Schedaero provides flight operations software and APIFollow this API integrate the service with CRM, accounting systems and other internal processes. Data provided includes planes, airports, crew, expenses, logistics, weight balance, scheduled trips, flight segments, trips shown, quotes, contacts such as travel seekers or passengers. Schedaero API is listed in the Air Travel category of Programmable web.

All streams. AI allows users to retrieve the podcast Food The data. The Allfeeds.ai APIFollow this API Allows search and discovery of all existing podcasts by keyword, language and / or genre, and returns complete data about them, including iTunes ID, stream Url, contact e-mail and all other data of their RSS feeds itself. Find this API in the Podcasts category.

Tuya is a development of the Internet of Things (IoT) Platform for smart home and other IoT automations. The Tuya open APIFollow this API offers IoT function management methods for general control of industrial devices, management of PaaS devices and smart home devices, expansion of complex hardware functions such as smart locks, body fat scale and Artificial intelligence such as human shape detection, pet detection, ID card reader, gesture points and vehicle detection. This API is listed under Internet of Things.

Waste management (WM) is a waste management company providing recycling, garbage collection, moving, bulk waste, dumpster rentals, e-waste services and more in locations across America North. The company offers an APIFollow this API to manage customer services, with methods to manage customers, activities, balance, cases, contacts, invoices, services, tickets and more. It is deposited in customer service.

digger provides services to transform website content into data sets (web scraping). The Diggernaut APIFollow this API offers programmatic access to manage sessions, projects and “diggers”. This API is listed under Data Mining.

RunMags is a CRM platform for magazine publishers with services to sell advertising, attract subscribers, manage production and get paid. RunMags APIFollow this API offers developers The integration capabilities, with methods to manage subscribers, subscriptions, web content, organizations, events, and more. It is listed in the Customer Relationship Management category.


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