Daily roundup of APIs: iProov, DatoCMS, Winedata, Multiavatar

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Seven APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories such as content management, avatars and video. Highlights include two APIs for adding biometric data Authentication applications and an API for US government tax data. Here is an overview of the latest additions.


CAMS is a biometric research and development provider and offers the Biometric Web APIFollow this API for The integration biometric timestamps, attendance management and access control. The API supports reading input with fingerprint, face, card, palm, vein, retina, body temperature and password. APIs and Documentation available for registered users. Find this API in the Biometrics category of the ProgrammableWeb directory.

iProov allows developers to authenticate and onboard users online with biometrics, including palm and face verifiers. The service offered by iProov Biometrics Web SDKs for web-browser and REST API-based authenticationFollow this API for registering new users, verifying users and managing users’ personal data. The API also allows developers to manage token data and more. This API is also listed under the Biometrics category.

DatoCMS Content Delivery APIFollow this API is used to fetch content from a DatoCMS project and deliver it to a web or mobile project. Users can query single or multiple projects, filter by date, project, artist, channel fields and many more ways, more fetch by location, order recordings, get blurhash of every frame, increase video downloads and many other tasks with this API, which is categorized under Content Management.

Winedata provides qualified data and scores on global wines and wine pairings. Winedata APIFollow this API offers access to this data, with methods for managing ingredients, meals, wine types, wines, meal pairings and more. This API is listed under the Wine category.

Multiavatar APIsFollow this API can return avatars based on multicultural names in vector SVG and raster PNG formats. It is possible to generate 12 billion unique avatars. Add avatars to websites with JavaScript, PHPand Python languages. Over 12 billion possible avatars can be generated with Multiavatar which is free and open source. It is listed in the Avatars category.

US Department of Treasury Tax Data APIFollow this API returns historical and current data on US federal government financial debt, spending, and savings obligations. Data is returned from eighty different official datasets such as the Daily Treasury Statement (SDR), average interest rates on US Treasury securities, Treasury Clearing Program, foreign exchange rates Treasury reports, US government revenue collections, etc. The API is listed under the Government category.

videosdk.live is a Platform for live video streaming. APIFollow this API is indirectly accessible by several SDKs. The platform is built with a mix of webRTC and optimized UDP protocol. SDKs allow developers to add real-time video and audio calls to any mobile app or web application. The API is listed under the WebRTC category.

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