E-Commerce Market Alley 3 Hires Two Seniors As It Goes Into Seed Funding Cycle


The London-based consumer tech market Alley 3 has hired two more senior citizens as it embarks on its seed funding cycle. Dr Pedro Balage (pictured below first) has been appointed Director of Machine Learning and Dr Luis Daniel López-Sánchez (pictured below second) adds 10 years of hands-on knowledge to the learning team Automatique.

Pedro has a PhD in Artificial Intelligence and came from a background in data science after having held a leadership role at FarFetch. Luis is an experienced machine learning engineer with a PhD in Mathematics from the University of Madrid.

Founded in 2020 by Amazon and Lastminute alumni, aisle 3 is a disruptive ecommerce marketplace that aims to correct the current fragmented shopping experience by creating a ‘universal view of online shopping’.

aisle 3 delivers truly personalized experiences for large networks of engaged buyers through aggregated, filterable and searchable commerce. Buyers have a complete view of all of their buying options on one screen. The main hires come as Aisle 3 enters a round of seed funding, seeking to raise £ 1.5million with almost half a million already invested.

The company has grown rapidly since launching at the start of the first lockdown and will launch the UK’s largest selection of sneakers in the fourth quarter. It now has over 900 signed retailers waiting to join and early support has come from some of the biggest names in ecommerce. The team has grown rapidly in recent months, notably by incorporating a local subsidiary to support the team in India.

According to CEO and co-founder Thomas Vosper: “I am delighted that we have recruited these seniors who will contribute to our mission to disrupt the current fragmented shopping experience and put the power back in the hands of buyers.

Pedro and Luis are some of the brightest minds in data science and, most importantly, are good people with a passion for the mission, values ​​and culture of the company. We are now entering our seed funding cycle, as we look to further develop the operation and have already secured the support of some leaders in the e-commerce industry.


About aisle 3

Founded in March 2020, aisle 3 is a disruptive new ecommerce marketplace providing a universal view of online shopping for the first time. Aisle 3 delivers truly personalized experiences for large networks of engaged buyers by aggregating offers effortlessly from retailers, giving buyers a complete view of all their buying options on one screen.

The team developed its web crawler, software, and product aggregation algorithms from scratch. Co-founders Thomas J. Vosper and James Valbuena have over 30 years of collective e-commerce experience at retailers such as Amazon, Tesco, Lastminute, VASHI and built the business entirely remotely, during the lockdown .

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