Elastic Stack 7.15 strengthens connection to Google Cloud


Elastic has released version 7.15 of its Elastic Stack software portfolio. With the update, the company is equipping the Elastic Search platform, including Elasticsearch and Kibana (Elastic Enterprise Search, Elastic Observability, and Elastic Security) with additional new features. In addition, Elastic is getting closer to the Google Cloud.

With version 7.15, Elastic App-Search-Web-Crawler is now available to everyone. Additionally, the update brings the crawler closer to Google Cloud, which should make it easier for customers to search the web and save and search data. The Elastic development team also reviewed some features regarding crawler configuration, for example settings for automatic crawl, tools needed for extraction, and options for analyzing metrics and log data in Kibana. In addition, it is now possible to search for a company’s data on a central platform and on websites.

Elastic is also introducing a new Elastic Observability feature to help DevOps and SRE teams correlate Application Performance Monitoring (APM) data. The goal is to speed up the root cause analysis process by highlighting automatic attributes in APM data that cause high latencies or errors.

Elastic Security receives new XDR features with the update. The Elastic agent now knows how to manage threats at the endpoint. The update also introduces a level of prevention for each operating system. The update extends the ability to isolate hosts to cloud native Linux environments.

You can find more information about the Elastic Suite in the article on the Elastic blog. Individual articles provide more information on individual products Elastic Enterprise Search, Elasticsearch, Kibana, Elastic Cloud like Elastic Security.


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