Every villain, ranked by how much they ruined Peter’s life


that of Sam Raimi Spider Man The trilogy was very impressive and has been a topic of conversation in recent weeks, thanks to the return of Alfred Molina’s Doc Ock in the trailer for the upcoming Spider-Man: No Path Home movie. While Spider-Man 3 failed to meet fans’ expectations, Raimi Spidey’s first two films are still considered two of the best superhero movies ever to be released.

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The Raimi trilogy showcased a handful of the Web-Slinger’s worst enemies, and for the most part all of the villains have been done justice by most comic book critics and casual viewers. However, each of Spidey’s thieves affected Peter’s life in different ways, with some of them ruining the young hero’s life much more than others.

6 Doc Ock was a mentor to Peter who lost control after an experience went awry

spiderman 2 doc ock

Dr. Otto Octavius ​​begins Spider-man 2 like a married and happy man who is also a brilliant scientist and a really good person. He has a lovely wife and meets Peter at the behest of Harry Osborn, who was funding the Octavius ​​merger project. As Peter meets Otto and his wife, the student and the doctor form a strong bond based on science and education. Unfortunately, things go wrong during his fusion experience, and his metal arms, which he used to move powerful elements, take control of Otto’s mind and blend into his back. Sadly, Otto’s wife is accidentally killed during the experiment before Spidey can unplug the plug and turn it off.

As the medics attempt to remove the arms from Octavius’ body, Otto wakes up and his arms engage in a killing spree in the operating room, allowing Octavius ​​to escape the hospital. After which, he finds a shady place to hide so he can work on the merger project. Realizing that he will need money to continue his work, the metal arms dominate Otto’s mind and convince him to rob him from the city banks. Octavius, now called Doc Ock, meets Spider-Man by robbing the banks and even takes Aunt May hostage, but, luckily, she is saved by Spidey.

Later in the film, Doc Ock goes to meet Harry Osborn, who tells him that Peter Parker is taking the pictures of Spidey and that he will know where to find him. Ock eventually takes Mary Jane hostage, but she is also saved by Spider-Man, who reveals her true identity to Ock and MJ. Finally, Octavius ​​controls his metal arms and sacrifices himself to destroy the dangerous fusion machine. It is highly rumored that Doc Ock in Spider-Man: No Path Home will be the same of Spider-man 2.

5 Eddie Brock’s Venom was jealous of Peter and used the symbiote for revenge

spiderman venom 3

Topher Grace even admitted that his take on Venom in Spider-Man 3 was not great. However, the CGI for the symbiote looked good, and he always became a real threat to Spidey and Mary Jane. Sadly, Grace’s Eddie Brock was a bit of a nerd and proved to be more boring than dangerous, which isn’t very accurate compared to his comic book counterpart. Brock is embarrassed by a symbiote-influenced Peter Parker at The Daily Bugle and finds himself in a church praying to God to kill Peter, who is right on top of the church getting rid of the symbiote. Brock realizes it’s Peter, but the symbiote becomes attached to Eddie, which leads to the creation of Venom and a possible team up with the Sandman.

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Peter takes on the role of the original blue and red Spidey, who must save Mary Jane from Venom and Sandman. MJ is stuck in a cab that’s tangled in the webs of Venom. Venom mocks Spider-Man and promises him that he will hurt Spidey, much like the “bad” Peter did to Eddie earlier in the movie. Spidey ends up saving MJ and gets help from an old friend, but still ends up facing Venom one-on-one. Peter, realizing that the symbiote hates loud noises, begins banging metal pipes against each other and separates the symbiote from Eddie. Unfortunately, Eddie jumps into the symbiote as it explodes and is cremated by a pumpkin bomb.

4 J. Jonah Jameson has always slandered Spider-Man and has repeatedly belittled the staff of Peter and Daily Bugle

j jonah jameson spider-man

J. Jonah Jameson may not be a full-fledged villain, but there’s no denying the negative impact he’s had on Spider-Man throughout the franchise. Much like he does in the comics and animated series, JJJ believes that Spidey is a threat and that he is the real villain, which leads to negative articles about the Wall-Crawler and adds stress to Peter. When Jonah isn’t bashing Spider-Man, he consistently leads everyone at the Daily Bugle and shows no respect for any of his coworkers, including Peter.

However, when Spidey disappears in Spider-man 2, Jameson admits that he was wrong about him and that the city needs him to stop the evil Doc Ock. Jonah acquires Spidey’s thrown suit and pins it to his office wall. He doesn’t stay there long, however, as Peter realizes he must be Spidey and resumes his iconic costume. Jameson quickly reverts to his old ways and tells everyone at Bugle that Spider-Man is a thief and a threat to society.

3 Harry Osborn’s new goblin wrongly blamed Peter for his father’s death

new goblin james franco

Harry Osborn started the Raimi franchise as Peter’s sympathetic best friend and disgruntled son of Norman Osborn, aka the Green Goblin. After the goblin is killed by his own glider, Spidey brings his body back to his penthouse, which leads Harry to believe that Spidey killed him. Harry ends up taking the lead of Oscorp and begins to grow into a slimy businessman, even telling Doc Ock that he will find Spider-Man thanks to his best friend, Peter. Eventually, Spider-Man’s true identity is revealed to Harry, leaving young Osborn in shock. Harry later finds his father’s Goblin costume and glider, which leads him to take the Goblin serum and gain the same powers as his father.

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At the beginning of Spider-Man 3Peter meets Harry and wants to talk about everything but is rejected by his former best friend. Harry even told Peter to bring his father back from the dead. Harry disguises himself as a new goblin and goes to attack Peter but is badly injured and forgets everything that has happened recently. Unfortunately for Peter, his father’s ghost later reminds Harry that he looked away from the bullet and must attack Spider-Man’s heart. He blackmails Mary Jane into breaking up with Peter, which leads the black Spider-Man suit to attack Harry and half-blow him up. Eventually, Osborn’s butler tells Harry that his father was not killed by Spider-Man, and Harry helps Peter in his fight against Venom and Sandman.

2 The Sandman didn’t want to be a criminal but still accidentally killed Uncle Ben

spiderman sand man 3

Spider-Man 3 may have been overloaded with villains, but Thomas Haden Church’s Sandman was one of the few highlights and had a big arc in the final film in the trilogy. Flint Marko escapes from prison and ends up returning to the apartment where his wife and young daughter live. Penny, Flint’s daughter, is terminally ill and he promises that he will do whatever it takes to get her back to good health. After leaving the apartment, the police corner Marko in a science laboratory where they are experimenting with particles of sand. Flint is caught in the middle of the Particle Accelerator, and his body is transformed into nothing but particles of sand.

He begins to use his newfound powers to rob banks and armored cars, mainly because he wants to give Penny the best medical treatment. Yet Spider-Man constantly thwarts Flint’s plans and nearly kills him in the sewers after learning that Marko was the real man who killed his uncle Ben. It is later revealed that Flint never wanted to hurt Uncle Ben, and he explained to Peter that his uncle was trying to help him when his gun accidentally exploded. Peter, who has acted terribly under the influence of the symbiote, tells Marko that he has done horrible things and he forgives him. Plus, it would make sense for Thomas Haden Church to return to the MCU, seeing how so perfect he was in the role and could play a more daring variant in the multiverse.

1 The Green Goblin threatened MJ, Aunt May and innocent children in an attempt to dissuade Peter from continuing as a hero

spiderman goblin green raimi

Willem Dafoe gave a terribly evil take on Norman Osbon / the Green Goblin in the Raimi franchise, and to see another variant in the multiverse would be wild. Fans are keeping their fingers crossed for an accurate mask and costume, which would add to Dafoe’s impressive performance. Norman Osborn also ruined Peter’s life more than any other villain throughout the trilogy. If the rumors about Tobey Maguire’s return are true, he might have more chances to hurt Peter again. While other Raimi villains like Doc Ock, New Goblin, and Sandman have committed heinous crimes, they also had sympathetic stories and would redeem themselves later in the franchise.

The Green Goblin never wanted redemption and only cared about killing Spider-Man, which he repeatedly attempted, which ultimately resulted in him taking his own life. He also kidnapped and nearly scared Aunt May to death, left Mary Jane on top of a dangerous bridge, and threatened to drop a group of children into the river. Norman Osborn’s Green Goblin attempted to remove all of the important people in Peter’s life, with his death causing a huge rift between Harry and Peter and delaying a romantic relationship between MJ and Peter.

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