Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram suffer from “Epic” configuration error outage



Facebook, Instagram, WhatsAPP and Oculus VR went down early on October 4, 2021. The outage continued all afternoon. It has been determined from multiple sources that the outage is likely due to a major misconfiguration that has completely disconnected sites from the internet in what has been described as an epic and nightmarish scenario.

Earlier on Monday, Facebook started slowing down and completely shutting down as browsers were unable to resolve the domain. The problem has also occurred on other sites owned by Facebook.

BGP routing

The issue may be caused by Facebook’s Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) routing configuration. BGP Routing Protocol is a service that calculates the most efficient path to reach a website through the multiple autonomous systems / networks that make up the Internet.


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When a browser requests Facebook.com, the domain name is translated by the DNS system to an Internet Protocol address (IP address) in a series of numbers which is an address. This IP address number is the address of the content on Facebook’s servers.

The browser makes the request and the BGP routing system calculates the fastest series of network hops to reach that content on Facebook’s servers.

Removed Facebook BGP routes

According to reports on Twitter, BGP routes to Facebook have been removed from the internet.

Cloudflare’s CTO tweeted that five minutes before Facebook’s DNS stopped working, they noticed a large number of BGP route withdrawals.


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He tweeted:

“About five minutes before Facebook’s DNS stopped working, we saw a large number of BGP changes (mostly route indents) for Facebook’s ASN.”

Brian Krebs Cybercrime Journalist reported on Twitter:

“Confirmed: DNS records that tell systems how to find Facebook.com or Instagram.com were removed from global routing tables this morning. Can you imagine working at FB right now when your email is down and all of your internal FB based tools are failing? “

One person commenting on the situation described it as an Internet network nightmare:

“Boarder Gateway Protocol (BGP) helps networks select the best and most efficient path for Internet traffic.

Facebook’s BGP routes have been “taken off the Internet”.

This is not a basic DNS problem; it’s a nightmare for Facebook.


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Cyber ​​security expert Kevin Beaumont called it an “epic configuration error”:

“This one looks like a pretty epic misconfiguration, Facebook hardly exists on the Internet at the moment.

Even their authoritative name server ranges have been taken out of BGP. “

Followed by:

“By not having BGP advertisements for your DNS name servers, DNS collapses = no one can find you on the Internet.

Ditto with WhatsApp for that matter.

Facebook has essentially moved away from its own platform.


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Facebook domain listed as for sale

In one of the strangest side effects of the Facebook BGP routing error, the Facebook domain itself has been listed in a whois search as available for recording.

Screenshot showing the Facebook domain for sale

A subsidiary of GoDaddy took offers on the domain:

Facebook domain listed as for sale

Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram outage is an epic nightmare scenario

The bottom line is that Facebook is down and there are major issues with Facebook related services.


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