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Audio medium has recently gained immense popularity. Podcasts are a big part of this format, but it’s often difficult to listen to every episode you love. Moonbeam is a new app that brings you the best moments from your favorite podcasts, in the form of a personalized podcast discovery feed.

Moonbeam was released recently and, according to a press release, aims to solve the biggest problem facing the industry: finding new podcasts. Using a unique combination of machine learning technology and a team of human curators, Moonbeam eliminates the need to endlessly scroll through outdated podcast directories that are chock-full of millions of shows, the release said.

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Once you’ve signed up for Moonbeam, you choose your preferred areas of interest – from the arts, science, health, sports to news, and more. Moonbeam then organizes small clips from different podcast episodes that you can listen to in a custom stream – that main stream is called “Beam”. If you like a clip, you can click the “continue listening” button and it will take you to the full original episode. If you don’t like the content, just swipe your finger up. These actions fuel Moonbeam’s algorithm, the release explains.

Once you like an episode or clip, it shows up in Moonbeam’s library.

From the app’s home page, you can view all selected clips from your favorite topics or even listen to them by category. Your favorite topics appear at the top as tabs. You can select at least three topics of interest and refine them further. For example, in “Science” you can choose from fields like astronomy, nature or mathematics. In the settings area, you can even toggle playback speed and filter explicit content. Once you like an episode or clip, it will show up in the app library.

Think of Moonbeam as an RSS feed for abbreviated audio – only it does a similar job providing you with the best of a range of podcasts. The user interface of the app is easy to use and intuitive. Another handy feature lets you import all existing subscriptions from other podcast apps and play them on Moonbeam.

Category: Music and sound

Ratings: Google Play Store: 4.7; App Store: 5

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