First Look at YouTube’s Podcast Directory

YouTube has just launched a dedicated podcast page on its website. Restricted to visitors from the United States at the time, it is intended as a central hub for all things podcast-related on the video streaming site.

Podcasts started out as audio-only streams, but video podcasts have been on the rise lately. Most producers publish podcasts on multiple platforms, such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and some of the free podcast directories. Many upload podcasts in video form, either with still images or recording on YouTube as well.

Internet users in the United States can point their browser to to take a look at the first iteration of the Podcasts page on YouTube. Those who don’t reside in the United States can also use a VPN connection to a city in the United States to access it.

The rather simple page uses the traditional YouTube design to highlight popular episodes and podcast playlists, recommendations, popular podcast creators, and podcasts in different genres such as Comedy, True Crime, or Sports.

Most of the podcasts highlighted on the page may already be listed under Recommendations and Suggestions on the main YouTube website.

The controls provided are identical. Click or tap a video to play it, or use the add to queue or watch later options to postpone watching.

Compared to Apple’s and Spotify’s podcast directories, YouTube’s list lacks features. There is no dedicated search option to search podcasts only. Although there are some categories, five in total, they pale in comparison to the categories and subcategories of other podcast directories. A new and upcoming section is also missing.

YouTube may be the biggest unwitting podcasting site on the planet, even if you disregard the lack of audio-only podcasts on the site, but the overall layout on the site is convoluted due to a directory and… a missing entry point. Perhaps that’s why Google decided to create the Podcasts page on YouTube to streamline the experience a bit.

Work may continue on the page to make it more attractive, such as adding a dedicated search option, more categories, and the aforementioned new and rising section.

For now, this may be more of a show of goodwill regarding podcasts on YouTube’s part than something podcast fans can work with to improve their YouTube experience.

Now you: do you listen to podcasts or watch them? Any vouchers you can recommend?


First Look at YouTube's Podcast Directory

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First Look at YouTube’s Podcast Directory

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YouTube has just launched a dedicated podcast page on its website in the United States. Here’s what you can expect.


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