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The latest edition of the Community Health Resource Directory is now available free to the general public and organizations that serve low-income and vulnerable residents.

Free printed copies of the directory can be picked up by completing the request form at A pdf copy of the directory is also available on this same webpage.

The St. Joseph Community Health Foundation updates and prints the directory every two years. It lists more than 100 free or low-cost health services located in Allen County. Services are listed in twelve categories which include medical, dental, mental health, immunization, transportation, health checkups and more. Each service listed includes information such as: days and hours of operation, payment methods accepted, whether photo ID is required, whether it is located on a bus route, and whether interpreters are available. available.

“The Foundation works to ensure that all residents, especially those who are vulnerable, have access to quality, affordable health and wellness services,” said Meg Distler, executive director of St. Joe’s Foundation. “Many nonprofits tell us they rely on the directory to help connect their clients to the health services they need at costs they can afford.”

The St. Joe’s Foundation began printing the Community Health Resource Directory in 2005 and since then has provided more than 110,000 free copies to residents and local organizations. Each year, the Foundation distributes approximately 6,600 copies.

The Foundation has recently considered making the information online only, but those who use the directory have overwhelmingly asked to continue distributing printed copies. The information in the directories is provided to Indiana 211 for use on its website and by 211 operators.

The St. Joe’s Foundation also prints and distributes the free Prenatal and Infant Care Resource Directory. It is updated every two years, alternating with the Directory of Community Health Resources. The 2021-22 Antenatal and Child Care Directory is available at

The St. Joe’s Foundation is sponsored by the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ and works to serve vulnerable populations in four impact areas: prenatal and child care, nutrition and food insecurity, access to health care affordable and quality, and refugees and immigrants.

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