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You will also see occasional listings of events in the Lake Geneva area and even every now and then further or further down the road in Milwaukee or Gurnee etc.

Myself and other editors of the Kenosha News and The Journal Times were very pleased with the appearance of the section. It’s a testament to the two women who created the section: Liz Snyder of our team and Loreen Mohr of the Journal Times. Both are seasoned members of our staff, long-time residents of their communities, and they don’t just sit at the desk compiling information – Loreen and Liz often go out into the community to attend local events and concerts. This is why they are so passionate about publishing.

Please contact them with your event notices. Liz can be reached at [email protected] and Loreen at [email protected]

TV book to be arrested

You’ll notice another change in the Kenosha News starting with the Halloween issue. That Sunday, the All Access TV section will no longer be available.

If your household is like mine, where we subscribe to Spectrum, you know that many of us can find a TV directory just by pushing the button on our remotes.

While we realize some readers will be disappointed to see All Access go, we’re not leaving you in the dark. Our daily prime-time TV guide will continue to air seven days a week on our weather page. This same page contains the daily Tune-in Tonight column, with suggestions on the big events of the night on TV, as the British say.

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