Get reading with the NYPL Special Edition Spider-Man Library Card

The importance of libraries cannot be overemphasized, especially these days. In the spirit of celebrating the power of reading as well as celebrating the 60th birthday of a certain wall-crawler, Marvel and the New York Public Library have announced an exclusive Spider-Man library card.

Spider-Man library cardCheck out the press release and details below:

Spider-Senses will thrill throughout New York City as the New York Public Library (NYPL) and Marvel Entertainment team up to release a special, limited-edition Spider-Man Library Card on October 11 to inspire new customers and fans. existing customers to explore a host of free books, resources, and programs at the library, including Marvel Graphic Novels. This dynamic collaboration, which kicks off just in time for New York Comic Con, marks the 60th anniversary of Spider-Man’s first comic book appearance. amazing fantasy #15 and highlights the importance of reading, knowledge, and libraries in Peter Parker’s comic book adventures against crime. Images of Spider-Man, alongside fellow iconic web-slingers Miles Morales and Gwen Stacy, will feature on the map, as well as on upcoming banners outside the Stephen A. Schwarzman Building and library windows. from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNFL), inspiring customers of all ages to tap into the unique power of reading, comic books and libraries to discover their inner superhero. Details of the map and related activities are available online:

The Spider-Man card follows in the footsteps of previous library cards issued for the beloved children’s book The Snowy Day and the library’s “Knowledge Is Power” card; aimed at helping New Yorkers discover their full potential by harnessing the power of all that NYPL has to offer – millions of books to help readers reach new heights, an information network via free computers and a internet access, and a great team of library staff – all available at your friendly neighborhood library.

The release of the Spider-Man map also marks the one-year anniversary of the Library’s decision to eliminate fines in order to remove barriers to accessing the Library for all New Yorkers. This historic move was even a plot point in Marvel Comics. Amazing Spider-Man #900, published on July 27. In a special story written by Daniel Kibblesmith, drawn by David Lopez, and colored by Nathan Fairbairn, Peter Parker returns a large pile of overdue books to the library after learning about the elimination of late fines. Readers can consult Amazing Spider-Man #900 in a special bonus release on Marvel Unlimited, Marvel’s first digital comic book subscription service.

The launch of the special-edition map also marks the start of the library’s open house week, which begins on October 11. The card will be available free of charge to new and existing customers on a first-come, first-served basis at all NYPL branches, located in the Bronx, Manhattan and Staten Island. The libraries will host a variety of programs and events throughout the week, as well as book exhibits and book recommendations from a special reading list curated by NYPL staff.

“Reading is a superpower, one that empowers everyone to learn, to be inspired, and to better understand the world,” said Anthony W. Marx, President of the New York Public Library. “At the New York Public Library, we remain committed to providing books and resources that help New Yorkers reach new heights, and working with Marvel on this exciting, limited-edition Spider-Man card reinforces the exceptional achievements New Yorkers people can accomplish when they have access to information.. It also states unequivocally that we think our customers are “beyond amazing”.

“Marvel’s history has always been rooted in telling stories on the page. And for many people, those stories taught them the joy and power of reading, whether it was their first comic or novel. graphic at a young age or the first time they shared their passion for Marvel comics with their friends and families,” said Marvel Vice President of Licensed Publishing Sven Larsen. “With so many of our most iconic moments and characters established in New York, we’re thrilled to be working with the New York Public Library to invite even more people to dive into Marvel and find their own favorites through the legacy of Spiderman.”

NYPL Teens 360º Initiative

Graphic novels, comic books and manga titles are among the most popular materials viewed by teen library users, the release of the Spider-Man map is a key part of the launch of the public library’s new initiative of New York, Teens 360º codifies the library’s ongoing commitment to improving and expanding services and spaces for young adults, which in the years to come will include: dramatically increasing the number of dedicated teen centers in New York Public Library’s service area, developing programs focused on digital literacy and technology skills, and providing holistic support to teens – who have faced unprecedented challenges and change over the years, especially during the pandemic – from academic support, to college and career readiness, to mental health resources. This work is part of the library’s overall commitment to New Yorkers and education programs, led by Merryl H. and James S. Tisch, director of the New York Public Library, and its mission to support l education outside the classroom and to ensure knowledge and opportunities are accessible to all.

NYPL Professional Day for Librarians and Educators at NYCC

To help educators looking for resources to use comics in their classrooms, the library will host a professional day on October 6 for librarians and educators at New York Comic Con presented by its Center for Educators & Schools. The day will consist of fifteen one-hour sessions offered between 10:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. Participants will learn directly from other educators how they use comics in the classroom, ranging from civics to physics. The majority of sessions offer CTLE (continuing education) credits and New York State teachers can earn up to 3 credit hours for attending.

About the New York Public Library

For more than 125 years, the New York Public Library has been a free provider of education and information to residents of New York and beyond. With more than 90 locations, including research libraries and branches, in the Bronx, Manhattan and Staten Island, the library offers free materials, computer access, classes, exhibits, programs and more to everyone, from toddlers to college students, and has seen record attendance and traffic in recent years. The New York Public Library receives approximately 16 million visits each year, and millions more around the world use its resources at To provide this wide range of free programs, the New York Public Library relies on both public and private funding. Learn more about how to support the library at

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