Gmail search on Android is about to improve


Google is improving the search filter options in Gmail on Android smartphones to help users find the exact email they’re looking for.

Google is giving Gmail on Android similar treatment to what it gave Gmail on the web a year ago.

The Gmail update on Android improves search filters when performing a search or when finding items after a search from the Gmail app.

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It does this by means of four buttons below the search box which include the buttons “From,” “Sent To,” Date, ”and“ Attachments. ”Attachments include text documents, spreadsheets, and PDF files. .

“You can now quickly and easily filter email and search results on Android mobile devices to find the specific email or information you’re looking for. ” Google Notes in a Blog Post.

Search filters can be used independently or after the search. The buttons provide drop-down lists indicating to whom or to whom the email was sent, the date the email was sent, and the attachment formats. Gmail users can also extract results based on keywords.

Users can also choose from a list of suggested senders or search for emails from multiple senders.

The feature is being rolled out to all Gmail users, and Workspace or G Suite Basic Business administrators have no way to turn this feature on or off.

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Deployment begins on September 20 and is expected to end at the end of October 2021.

Google is not sure if or when the same functionality will be available for Gmail on iOS. However, Gmail notifications on iOS 15 devices will change shortly to conform to Apple’s new Focus feature, which will limit when apps can send notifications to iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Watch users.

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