Google Ads’ new budget report tracks daily campaign spend



Google Ads introduces a new budget report designed to help advertisers understand their daily and monthly spending behavior.

A current issue with advertisers is the ability to determine how their campaign budget is spent on a day-to-day basis.

The new Google Ads report aims to address this issue while highlighting the impact of past budget changes on campaign performance.

“Your budget report provides an overview of how your spending is affected by your budget, as well as a breakdown of your daily spending throughout the month. If you change your average daily budget in the middle of a month, the budget report can show you what effect that change has had on your spend and maximum monthly spend.


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In the report, you can also find a projection of how much you are likely to spend on Google Ads by the end of the month.

The Google Ads budget report displays the following data sets:

  • Daily expenses: Can be up to twice the average daily budget on days when an ad is more likely to see clicks and conversions.
  • Monthly spending limit: will not exceed your average daily budget multiplied by the number of days in the month.
  • Monthly expense forecasts: Includes cost to date and any budget changes in between.

How to access the Google Ads budget report

To access the budget report, you must first have a campaign with a date range that includes the current month.


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If this requirement is met, you can access the budget report from various places in Google Ads.

When viewing the Campaigns page, for example, you can hover over your campaign’s budget and click “view budget report” to access it.

An example report page is shown below:

Screenshot from, September 2021.

Source: Google Ads Help

Featured Image: Andrey_Popov / Shutterstock


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