Google details steps to tackle misinformation about US midterm elections on YouTube and search engine

Google has just outlined the steps it will take to fight misinformation for the upcoming US midterm elections on YouTube and the Google search engine. The company highlights various tools that it will use to limit the spread of political misinformation.

Google shares sources it deems reliable

According to the story of Technological crunchwhen users try to search for different election content on Google or YouTube, recommendation systems will be used to highlight journalism or video content from an authoritative national and local news source.

These sources will include The Wall Street Journal, Univision and PBS NewsHour. For local news, sources will include ABC, CBS, as well as NBC affiliates.

YouTube says it has already removed a number of videos that violated its policies

In a blog post, YouTube said it had already removed various videos regarding the midterm elections that violated its policies. These include videos that published false claims in regards to the 2020 elections.

YouTube’s rules also prohibit various inaccurate videos that include how to vote or even videos that incite violence and other content that could interfere with the process. The platform also added warnings to YouTube channels that violated the policies.

Strikes will temporarily suspend channels’ ability to post new videos

The strikes will temporarily prevent some channels from posting new videos. Google will also work to make local and regional news coverage of elections in different states easier for users to access.

The company would also publish a tool on Google Search which has already been used. The tool leads users to accurate voter registration or how-to-vote content.

Google works with the Associated Press to provide authoritative election results

Google will also work with the Associated Press to provide authoritative election results in search. YouTube will also provide voters with a voting information panel as well as a direct link to voting and register-to-vote features.

Election-related features on YouTube include registration reminders and election resources. These include panel information below the videos as well as recommended authoritative videos that come with a “watch next” panel.

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Links to election results monitoring tools will be shared on Election Day

On Election Day, YouTube will share a link directly to the election results tracker on Google, which also highlights live streams from election night and includes election results below the videos.

The platform will also release a tool that would help people search for essential information from different federal candidates. This will include information regarding the office they are running for or the political party they belong to.

Google follows companies like Meta and Twitter in terms of announcing how they will deal with election disinformation.

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