Google requires employees to take weekly COVID-19 tests before coming to its offices

Google now requires its employees to take their weekly COVID-19 molecular tests before entering the tech giant’s facilities or offices.

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NEW YORK, NEW YORK – OCTOBER 20: Google offices stand in midtown Manhattan on October 20, 2020 in New York City. Accusing the company of using anti-competitive tactics to illegally monopolize online search and advertising markets, the Justice Department and 11 states on Tuesday filed an antitrust lawsuit against Google.

Google and weekly COVID-19 tests

According to a report by CNBC, the search engine giant posted an online memo to all of its full-time employees on January 14, Thursday, which explained Google’s new COVID-19 testing policies.

Google health chief Karen DeSalvo said in the employee memo that those wishing to enter the tech giant’s facilities and offices must first present a negative COVID-19 molecular test result. .

On top of that, Google’s health chief added that anyone wishing to enter the tech giant’s premises is also required to share their vaccination status.

Not to mention, they’re also required to wear surgical-grade face masks while in Google’s offices.

Google requires weekly COVID tests

Meanwhile, according to the report of The edge, the tech giant’s spokeswoman, Lora Lee Erickson, later confirmed the rating CNBC obtained, saying there is a new temporary COVID policy that Google is implementing.

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The spokesperson echoed the employee memo, confirming that “anyone accessing our locations in the United States must obtain a recent negative COVID-19 molecular test before coming on site.”

The tech company’s chief health officer also said in the memo that the new policy in place is in response to the highly transmissible variant of the new coronavirus.

As such, DeSalvo even shared with Google employees that the Omicron variant of COVID has overtaken the Delta variant as the dominant strain in the United States.

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Free Google COVID-19 Test

Erickson added that the search engine technology giant is offering free COVID testing.

To be more specific, The Verge said in the same report that the US tech company provides both its full-time and contract employees with free at-home PCR-based nasal swab tests.

However, some contractors say COVID-19 molecular tests, which give negative or positive results in just minutes, are only administered to its full-time employees.

The Alphabet Workers Union previously stated on its Twitter realize that contracted Google employees only have access to PCR-based swab testing.

But the tech giant’s spokesperson denies this. Instead, she said even her contractors could access her on-site molecular testing.

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