Google’s Page Experience Update Comes to Desktop Next Month

Malta Ubl, Software Engineer at Google, reminded us that next month Google will release the desktop version of the page experience update. He posted this on Twitter as a reminder:

Google told us it would happen last November and should go live next month. The rollout will take a few months, it will start in February 2022 and end at the end of March 2022. This update will include all current signals from the mobile version of the page experience update, apart from the front page. be compatible with mobiles.

Same thresholds. As a reminder, the same metric thresholds will work for the office. Thus, the thresholds for mobiles will be the same for desktop computers. The original blog post stated that “the same three Core Web Vitals metrics: LCP, FID, and CLS, and their associated thresholds will apply to desktop rankings.” Malte Ubl reconfirmed this in his tweet saying that “the metric thresholds are the same as on mobile”.

Don’t expect drastic changes. Google has said that with this rollout and new update from Google, don’t expect any drastic changes. “While this update is designed to highlight pages that provide a great user experience, the page experience remains one of the many factors our systems take into account… In light of this, sites in general do not expect drastic changesGoogle said. We expect the same to be true for the desktop deployment.

Search Console Tools anytime now. Google will update the Google Search Console tools and reports to help site owners prepare for this update. “We also plan to help site owners understand how their desktop pages are performing in regards to the page experience using a Search Console report that will be launched before the desktop. doesn’t become a ranking signal, ”Google said. So expect these new tools and reports to be released overnight.

Mobile vs desktop. What factors will be included in this desktop version? Google has said them all except for the mobile usability requirement, which is pretty obvious. Here is a graph designed by Google showing the specific factors:

Why we care Like I said last time around although I don’t think this update to the page experience is going to be a meaningful update where you will see tons of sites see their rankings change drastically, which ones are working to improve their page experience mainly focused on their mobile pages. Now that your mobile pages are ready for this update, you can focus on your desktop pages.

The new reports are not out yet, but I hope they will be soon.

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