Grim war unites superior enemies for tragic reason


The latest issue of Sinister War sees a fan-favorite Spider-Man villain squad reunite after one of their members suffers a tragic fate.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Sinister War # 4, on sale now from Marvel Comics.

The Spider-Man Thugs Gallery is one of the most famous in modern superhero comics, a real who’s who of ruthless killers, monstrous foes and average schmucks just trying to make their way into the world. world. This latter idea has been at the heart of several stories over the years, most recently (and perhaps most impressive) in Spider-Man’s Superior Enemies, the classic cult series about the Boomerang villain team.

Grim war # 4 (by Ed Brisson, Nick Spencer, Mark Bagley, Dio Neves, Marcelo Ferreira, Andrew Hennessy, Andy Owens, Brian Reber, Andrew Crossley and Joe Caramagna of VC) sees the last member of Spider-Man’s higher enemies to resist a Team (Beetle) finally joins forces with his former teammates, all in the name of the fight after Boomerang’s death.

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Spider-Man Superior Enemies Sinister War 1

Spider-Man’s Superior Enemies by Nick Spencer and Steve Lieber from the events of Superior Spider-Man. The series focused on a largely comedic new incarnation of the Sinister Six. Comprised of Boomerang, Shocker, Beetle, Speed ​​Demon and Overdrive, the group found themselves embroiled in a massive criminal conflict over an extremely valuable painting by Victor Von Doom. The team were often beset with internal fighting and backstabbing, but the group nonetheless developed a real sense of camaraderie – at least in the eyes of their deceitful leader, Boomerang. Boomerang has leaned into becoming nobler in recent years, unknowingly living with Spider-Man and becoming a better person through his association with the web-slinger.

Although he betrayed the Wall Robot for the benefit of the Kingpin and was readmitted to a villainous community, the majority of senior enemies were unaware of his most recent developments. Alongside Hydro-Man – who made a cameo appearance in Superior Foes and previously worked with them – the Superior Foes came together at the events of the Grim war. As with other Spider-Man villain factions, they were warned by Kindred that they would die by his hand if they failed to kill the Web Head. The only obstacle in the Superior Foes era was Beetle, who instead led his own team of female villains known as the Sinister Syndicate.

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Spider-Man Superior Enemies Sinister War 2

In the chaos that ensued Grim war, However, Boomerang was repeatedly shown with a surprising amount of restraint, even giving Spider-Man an opportunity to escape during the conflict. Later, as the chaos intensifies and Morlun is about to finally kill Spider-Man, Boomerang steps in and takes on the villain – getting himself killed instead. The rest of Boomerang’s allies gather around his body, including Beetle, who notes that he had to die standing and on his own terms, although he still doesn’t know that Boomerang really wanted to save Spider-Man. Out of respect for their deceased former teammate, superior enemies (including Beetle) turn against the other villains, giving the hero of the web enough openness to survive until Doctor Octopus is able to implement his own plan and destroy the Kindred Centipedes embedded in the brains of all the bad guys.

In death, Boomerang was able to do what he had failed several times in his life: bring together the team he had grown up to consider his friends. He even did it under a mistaken assumption from his teammates, which could be taken as a reference to the number of ploys and lies he used to manipulate them all in. Spider-Man’s Superior Enemies. Ultimately, the legacy of the cult classic came to an end in the dying moments of the grim war.

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