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Two weeks ago, Cate and Topher DeRosia launched the HeroPress Network, a centralized website that would host various projects to help people with WordPress. Today, the duo announced the opening of Find It WP, a new site that is part of the collective. It will serve as a database or archive of everything related to WordPress.

The goal is ambitious and it is fueled by submissions from the community. The site is open to anyone wishing to share a WordPress related resource. “Resources” in this sense are literally anything. It can be a plugin, an agency, a podcast, a theme store or more. And, if there is no category available, the authors can recommend a new one.

“This new way to find WordPress resources helps both seasoned and newbie users by saving them time and frustration when trying to find what they need,” Cate DeRosia wrote in the post of announcement. “A lot of times I’ve seen someone tweet that they were looking for a WooCommerce specialist or a friend asking me if I knew of a plugin that does x. Now everyone has a new place to start: Find It WP. “

All submissions are manually approved to ensure the content is appropriate. This will increase the workload of the team. DeRosia joked that her role had become “Chief Approval Officer”.

Clip of the Find It WP resource submission form where users can enter information and upload an image.
Partial view of the resource submission form.

“And that really highlights why we will be applying for funding,” she said. “There is a lot to maintain with the new additions to the HeroPress network, resources that seem to be a real asset to the growth of the WordPress community. Instead of each business trying to do it on its own, let’s pool our resources and support it together. “

The current plan is to open some funding options for the HeroPress network on October 24. DeRosia said in a previous announcement that it would be similar to Patreon, where users could fund the mission. However, they will also have a corporate referral program for WordPress businesses.

“I think of it like the local library,” she said. “Not everyone has to be there to check books and put things away, but someone is, and they also have to do the grocery shopping.”

DeRosia believes this will benefit individuals as well as smaller and larger agencies.

“You never know where a client will come from or which upcoming agency might offer you unexpected competition, so it’s an easy way to see what’s going on in the WordPress ecosystem,” she said. “It’s also a great opportunity to find smaller products and businesses that larger companies might want to acquire. “

I asked him if the inclusion of plugins and themes was worth it, as there are already dedicated directories and marketplaces for these types of resources.

“We had the same thoughts as you as to whether it was worth including plugins and themes, especially the free ones,” she replied. She listed four main reasons they thought it was worth it:

  • If it is “everything related to WordPress” we need to include everything related to WordPress.
  • We liked that the free and paid plugins could be searched side by side.
  • WordPress repositories do not have our advanced search. We are not replacing them, just an additional option.
  • Reviews can negatively impact products that don’t always deserve them. We wanted to level the playing field there.

DeRosia said the idea for this project and WP Podcasts came around around the same time (note: the WP Tavern podcast is listed on the site). The latter had a less ambitious scope, so they launched it first as a case study.

“From the start, the driving force behind the expansion of HeroPress was to build bridges between different WordPress communities, and Find It WP seemed like a natural part of that,” DeRosia said. “It’s really hard to be successful and stay on top of an ever-growing ecosystem like WordPress. With Find It WP, we can make everything simple, both for searchers and for those looking to be found.

“I have spent the last 18 months looking for ways to gain exposure in the WordPress community, and it’s nearly impossible. It’s so big and expansive that even though you have the most amazing new product, it’s hard to get noticed. Find It WP makes it all easy and provides fair opportunities for everyone.

Fairness is a crucial element of this project, leveling the playing field for creators of all sizes. No particular attention is paid to large players. The resources are simply there for people to search and find what they are looking for.

At present, there are currently 42 announcements divided into several categories. DeRosia said she starts to approve more again as we finish our conversation. As the site grows, it should provide opportunities for more businesses and people to connect.

“The idea for Find It WP arose out of our experiences with HeroPress and our expansion into the HeroPress network,” she said. “We needed help along the way and were delighted with the talent we encountered. If we hadn’t looked for or had the connections we had, we wouldn’t have found them. We didn’t want to keep this to ourselves. We want everyone to be able to enjoy the benefits that come from working together as a community. “

Topher DeRosia also posted a Find It WP ad on the HeroPress blog.

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